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The mail man brought us a big box of clothes today, and oh what a treat it was to open it up. Our goal is to buy expensive pieces of clothing such as dresses, jackets and cardigans used with ThredUp credit, so that we only have to buy certain separates and basic items such as leggings, underwear, and socks for our daughter. The basics can be found at very low cost on clearance (with coupons), and of course we try to win gift cards to purchase the basics with as well.

However, buying dresses or jackets – even on clearance – can quickly eat up a gift card, which is why we try to get these used. By combining beautiful second-hand dresses and cardigans with new leggings, is an instant hit, and our little daughter is a bit spoiled.
Thanks to ThredUp our little girl is dressed in the most beautiful outfits every day, and my husband has no complaints about my shopping spending. Thanks to ThredUp, I can dress my little girl without breaking our family’s clothing budget, and after three boys, I will admit that I take great pleasure in dressing up our little girl….as long as she will let me.

Thankfully, a set of triplet girls in South Carolina has a very generous woman in their church, so once our daughter outgrows her pretty dresses there are three little girls waiting for them. This is yet another reason, why we make sure to only get high-quality clothing, because we want it to look nice enough for someone else to wear after our daughter has outgrown it.

This time around, we decided to focus on jackets, and while we usually only get the lowest priced items at ThredUp, this time we splurged a bit to get the right jackets that called our little girl’s name.

As I have said before, ThredUp does not have the best selection of boys’ clothing, but we did end up finding a really nice GAP button-down shirt for our oldest son, and it might just be perfect for Easter. When it comes to our oldest son, I don’t mind splurging a bit, as I know that it can be handed down to his two younger brothers.




ThredUp review


ThredUp Order:

ThredUp orde


Total $51.38

– $46.66 in ThredUp credit

Total out of pocket $4.72 + Free shipping on orders of $50+

Total saved $404


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How To Save Big At ThredUp:

  1. Sign up for your free $10 ThredUp bonus here
  2. Choose the gender and sizes you want
  3. Choose prices low to high in the top right hand-side and start browsing.
  4. Check out the new-with-tag section (in the sidebar under “condition”), and check out the women’s and junior sections as well.
  5. Add everything you like to your cart to reserve the item – You can always remove it from your cart during your final sorting.
  6. Use the magnifying-glass feature and right click on the image to do you final inspection of each item.
  7. Buy items such as jeans, jean shorts, rompers, school uniform pieces, dresses, skirts and jackets, which are hard to find at low prices even on clearance.
  8. Either buy a pair of name brand jeans or a coat for around $10, and only pay for shipping ($2.99). Or buy $50 worth of clothing, get free shipping, and only pay $40+ after the ThredUp bonus. (That’s as little as $2.86 a piece)
  9. Everything ships in 3 – 8 business days.
  10. Invite your friends and get $10 to shop for, once they make their first ThredUp purchase.
  11. Send in your kids’ or your own gently used clothing, and get paid via paypal or get store credit.


My two favorite pieces in today’s box are the pink Gymboree jacket as well as the Old Navy white and pink striped seersucker jacket

Do you want to try out ThredUp? If so, get $10 to shop for, when you sign up through this ThredUp bonus link. If you sign up, you get $10 to shop for, and if you actually find something you like, we get $10 to shop for our four kids as well.
What would you spend your $10 on? Which one of the pieces that we got today is your favorite?

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  1. free shipping is great on top of these great deals! thanks for sharing!

  2. This is the first I have ever read anything about this. Great idea for my young grandkids. Thank you

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