Apr 042014

I am going on three weeks with a case of persistent bronchitis, which unfortunately means that I am having a difficult time following my regular exercise schedule. I have not been taking my regular classes, but I have been making it to the gym a few times a week for less rigorous exercise.  Of course, less time at the gym means more time to clean and more time to shop….


Hmm… I still managed to stay within our $70 grocery budget for our family of 6, and our fridge and pantry have been restocked after a week of spring break with all the kids home to raid the fridge at all times of the day.


groceries in cart

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  Publix groceries

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I spent $48.63 at Publix

I saved $107.76 at Publix

Got $1.50 Cash Back from Shopping at Publix


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I spent $18.48 at Kohl’s

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I spent $18.82 at Target

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The Frugality Is Free Family’s Weekly Totals

Weekly Grocery Spendings for our Family of 6 $67.45

Weekly Grocery Savings for our Family of 6 $127.96

Clothing & Extras Spendings $18.48

Clothing & Extras Savings $67.38

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 6 $85.93

Weekly Savings For A Family of 6 $195.34


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  2 Responses to “Weekly Savings Linky April – $281 Worth of Clothes & Groceries For $85!”

  1. Hi, JR! My favorite item of yours this week is the shark trunks! Great find! I’m still not shopping, Sarah is for me, but I am starting to post them at Simply CVS again. Can you believe today is our 4th blogger birthday? You must be near your 5th…I remember when you were expecting your youngest son–time flies and yet it seems so long ago. Thanks for the linky!

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