May 242014

ALDI Holiday Hours Memorial Day

Is ALDI open on Memorial Day? This is a question that we’ve been asked quite a few times, and yes ALDI is closed on Memorial Day 2014.

So, make sure to get to your ALDI Memorial Day shopping done today or tomorrow, so that you are stocked up all the low-priced produce, dairy and more. We are overdue for an ALDI shopping trip, but it is a bit of a drive away, and we sure wish that ALDI was closer to our home. If it was, we would do the majority of our shopping at ALDI every week.

How far away is your closest ALDI store?


This week our ALDI has the following produce deals:

3 Pack of Round Tomatoes $1.19

20 oz pack of Sweet Corn $1.69

16 oz pack of Strawberries $1.39

1 Pint of Blueberries $1.99

Seeded Watermelon $3.49

Seedless Watermelon $3.49

While the above ALDI produce deals are for our local South Florida store, you may find similar produce deals at your store. Check your local ALDI store for your local ALDI ad deals.

ALDI has some great deals on produce this week, and make sure to check out my ALDI deals under the DEALS tab in the top navigation bar.

You can also find lots of great summer fun giveaways in the sidebar including grocery gift cards, the Entertainment book, toys and more.


Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday!


You can always find the latest updates on ALDI holiday hours right here at Frugality Is Free.

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