May 192014

It seems to me that as the cereal prices climb, the cereal boxes get smaller. Are you frustrated with the high cereal prices? I sure am! Between milk and cereal, the grocery budget can quickly run dry, and our oldest son can easily eat his way through one of the smaller cereal boxes of cereals in two-three days….by himself. I’m not complaining about the amount that he eats though, because he is in a growing stage and needs his fuel.

As a mom of four, I am constantly trying to find new ways of saving, and one way that we have been able to save on cereal is by using the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program. We’ve been a member for several years, but because of the high prices of cereal, we tend to buy store brand cereal or other brands that go on sale more frequently with higher value cereal coupons.

However, the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program has saved us quite a bit of money over the years, even though we only buy Kellogg’s products such as cereal and veggie burgers, whenever there is a good sale. We always look for the packages with the Kellogg’s Family Rewards logo on them though, as these will give us more points in our account. Other ways to get Kellogg’s codes is by reading the emails that you receive from the program (many of which contain great coupons too), plus searching the Internet for Kellogg’s rewards codes can also be quite beneficial.

Right now, we are flirting with 5000 Kellogg’s Family Rewards points, after a recent promotion, where we got an extra 1000 bonus points for entering 5 Kellogg’s cereal codes. Thanks to a recent sale at Winn-Dixie, we actually managed to fulfill the requirement, and voila – we now have lots of points to spend. We do not get any of the very pricey rewards, but we do get high-value coupons such as $1.50 off 1 cereal coupons, Morningstar Farms coupons and such, and these all help out.

The high-value Kellogg’s coupons, also come in handy, whenever Publix has a free milk with x number of Kellogg’s cereals coupon out. We sure love deals like these, what about you?

We love it, whenever we can find a Kellogg’s book promotion though, and while these are rare, we’ve gotten several free books this year…all of which have gone into birthday book boxes for the kids.

What about you? How do you save on cereal? Do you use Kellogg’s Family Rewards?


If you are new to the rewards program, you can sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards here.


Make sure to enter the following codes for extra bonus points.


  3 Responses to “Are You Frustrated With The High Cereal Prices? How We Save On Cereal!”

  1. People always look at me like I’m crazy when I say this, but we don’t eat much cereal at all in our house. No one has a preference for cereal at breakfast time. My son usually eats yogurt and fruit, and my husband eats toast or eggs if he has time. I make breakfast burritos ahead of time sometimes for both of them, too. I usually eat more dinner time food when I eat breakfast, or a piece of toast. This morning I had leftover homemade veggie soup. 🙂

  2. My kid hardly ever eats cereal either. We do eggs or pancakes most mornings. I might check out the elloggs family rewards though.

  3. I haven’t used the rewards program but it makes sense with 4 kids for sure. I am amazed with how everything costs more and the packages are definitely smaller. It pays to be sharp on how and what you buy. Thanks for the great tips.

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