May 082014

Better World Books Mother's Day Sale

Our favorite online used book seller is Better World Books, because not only do the have reasonable prices, they also have a great selection, great sales, free shipping and they donate books to communities in need. If you want to check out Better World Books, make sure to shop during their latest Better World Books sale. See below for how you can get the best prices on the books that you and your kids will love.

All four of our kids love to read, and a trip to the library is a special treat that they all appreciate. However, picking out books at the library is not the same as owning them, and so every birthday and Christmas each of our children get a book box filled with books on topics that interest them.

Of course, this means that we have a lot of books in the house, and it surely would be expensive if we had to pay full price for them. Thankfully our local thrift store has a pretty good selection of books, we’ve won several new books, and for everything else we use Better World Books. Better World Books are especially great for non-fiction books, reference books, and if you are looking for a specific book in a series.

Lately, our 11-year-old son has been attached to a Encyclopedia of Knowledge, which he has borrowed from our local library, and so I’ve decide that it is time to add a few new reference books to our collection. We have lots of non-fiction books, but one shelf is dedicated to reference books, and these often come in handy when the big boys do home work projects.

How To Get The Best Deal at Better World Books:

  1. Start shopping at EBATES to earn 3 percent back (pays via amazon gift cards or check)
  2. Or start shopping directly at Better Worlds Books without any cash back.
  3. Go to the bargain bin and search for the books you want (or browse the list)
  4. Buy 4 books for $10! Any additional books will be $3 each.
  5. To see if a book is a part of the sale, put it in your cart, and go to your cart. It will say sale.
  6. You can pay with credit card or paypal (and make sure to get your 3 percent back!)


Our oldest son is a big reader, and once he starts a book, it does not take him long to finish it. Our middle son is crazy about sharks, and thanks to Better World Books he has quite the shark book collection. Our youngest son just learned how to read, and our baby girl cannot get enough of books, so the book boxes are a big hit around here, and I love seeing the kids go through the books in their boxes.

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