May 272014

Free Summer Math Program

Our kids are almost out for the summer, but even though they will be having a lot of fun, they will also be doing a lot of work. Why? Because it is so easy to forget everything, and our kids are up for a challenging school year next year. Our oldest son is headed to a middle school with a special STEM magnet program, our middle son is hoping to continue on in the 3rd grade gifted program, and our youngest son simply absorbs all new knowledge like a sponge.

So what do I do to keep them learning? Well, our favorite free math program is Khan Academy, which we have used for years. This online math program only gets better and better, and now they are even adding SAT prep. For Free!!!

However, today  I just learned from Money Saving Mom about another free summer math program called TenMarks. TenMarks is is an online math program for students from third grade through high school.


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  2 Responses to “Free Summer Math Program”

  1. I’ve been meaning to check both of these out for a while. Thanks for the reminder. We’ve already bought our main math curriculum for third grade, and even a couple of supplements, but math is one of Elliott’s favorite subjects, so he might like these, too.

    • Carla, I plan on using it with the boys this summer, and we actually got a note home from our school about it as well. Our 2nd grader has been using Khan Academy at home, and he has become so advanced in math that his gifted program teacher is letting him and another student who is way ahead use it in class. The 2nd grade curriculum is not challenging enough for them, but at Khan academy they can keep at their own pace, and we love that program. I’m sure that Elliott would benefit from both programs as well, and we definitely recommend Khan academy.

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