Rave Cinemas Free Summer Movies 2014

Rave Cinemas Free Summer Movies 2013

I know a lot of Frugality Is Free readers have been looking for information about the Rave free summer movies 2014, and while the free Rave summer movies are gone for good, due to the Cinemark takeover of Rave Cinemas in 2013, there are still good news to be found.

In 2014, Cinemark has brought their popular summer movie clubhouse to many of the Rave Cinemas, which the company acquired last year. This means that you can either pay $0.50 per movie, if you buy a punch card in advance, or you can pay $1 on the day of the show.

So, don’t despair, if your usual Rave free summer movies program has diappeared. Check out more information about the summer movies at Cinemark to find a location near you.

Make sure to check out the Summer Fun tab in the top navigation bar here at Frugality Is Free for all the different dollar movies and free summer movies this year.

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2 Responses to Rave Cinemas Free Summer Movies 2014

  1. Patrice Noland says:

    Please send me more information. Thank you

  2. cowan says:

    Please send any additional information about the movie program as soon as possible. I am a director of an early childhood learning center and would appreciate this information to help schedule weekly movie trips.

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