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Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway
Surf Sharks The First Ride

With an aspiring shark scientist in the family, the new book series Surf Sharks quickly got my attention. Surf Sharks – The First Ride is a fun book about a group of sharks and the dangers they face every day. Surf Sharks follow three young sharks from Fin City, as they meet and connect with three young surfers.

Surf Sharks is a catching book that keeps the attention of shark lovers, and with impressive illustrations full of color and action, Surf Sharks is difficult to put down.

Our eight-year-old son is generally opposed to any fiction about sharks, as he feels as if fiction books have a tendency of demonizing sharks. However, Surf Sharks has made an impression, because this book does the opposite. It shows sharks and people living in harmony, and our son loves this book because of it.

As a second-grader, Surf Sharks was an easy read for him, but the story line was so good that it did not matter to him.

Can you tell that he likes sharks?


surf sharks book

“I think the book is interesting, because it talks about surfers that ride on sharks. My favorite shark is…wait a minute…can I have three favorite sharks? My favorite sharks in the book Surf Sharks are Talon the striped tiger shark, Mavrik the blue mako shark, and Hemi the hammerhead shark”.

Sawyer 8 years old – The Frugality Is Free Family



reading on the beach

About Surf Sharks Author Chance Wolf:

Chance Wolf is a comic book artist and toys designer, who was been inspired to create the book series Surf Sharks after observing his own son’s fascination with sharks.

Wolf is a recognized artist, who sold his first piece of art at the age of 11. Chance was hand-picked by Todd McFarlane to visit with X-Files creator Chris Carter in Hollywood in order to help finalize designs for McFarlane’s popular X-Files toy line.



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Buy Surf Sharks

You can buy the new book Surf Sharks – The First Ride at all major book stores as well as online at Amazon via Amazon Kindle and  iTunes, iBooks as an ebook version.

Order Surf Sharks:The First Ride Hardcover on Amazon

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surf sharks prize package

Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win their very own Surf Sharks prize package. The prize package contains:


  • A copy of Surf Sharks: The First Ride
  • A sticker book
  • 32 SurfShark stickers with funshark facts on the back
  • A set of pop-up collector cards




US Giveaway rules

This giveaway will end Wednesday May 21st at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary copy of  Surf Sharks – The First Ride for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with Surf Sharks.

  29 Responses to “Surf Sharks The First Ride Book Review & Giveaway”

  1. Hemi the Hammerhead…my girls would love him. He is fun colorful and has a great personality by the description given.

  2. Bella the shark

  3. I like the Great Whitini from Surf Sharks. Who couldn’t like a Great White Magical Shark. I like his top hat and love of magic.

  4. All of the characters look pretty cool but I like Chill – The Reef Shark! This looks like a very fun book and I think my son would love it!

  5. The Reef Sharl

  6. Well, *I* like Tess & Bella. But my boys think Hemi will be their favorite.

  7. Gus the whale is my favorite character of the surf sharks, in fact I like all of the characters.

  8. I like the character Mavrick. He has a name that reminds me of a roller coaster at a theme park.

  9. I like “CHILL”.

  10. I like the Great Whitini – reminds me of my 3 year old grandson and his love of drama and especially hats.

  11. I like Tess & Bella, and Chill The Reef Shark.

  12. my daughter was drawns to tess and bella how cool

  13. hemi the hammerhead my niece would get a kick out of this prize if I’m lucky enough to win this for her. Thankyou, ken

  14. Our family members really like Chill The Reef Shark. This giveaway is so much fun. Thank you for hosting it!

  15. My favorite characters are Chill and Wade. I like that Wade wears his glasses when surfing.

  16. I think my younger son would love Talon, i like the colors and he is always getting into trouble like my

  17. What clever character names! My favorite characters, just based on names are Rip, Wade and Chill. The Illustrations are cute!

  18. Bella The Shark

  19. Bella The Shark My little beach baby would love this book. We are always looking for something new stories.

  20. I will say Maverik but I don’t know any of the characters. My nephews would love this is why I am entering. The characters look cute for sure and it seems like a great theme.

  21. my son really loves buster.he thinks he looks really cool.thanks for the great give away.

  22. My favorite, based on appearance alone, would be Tess. It’s nice to see multicultural characters. We need more diversity in children’s books.

  23. TALON

  24. The Great Whitini…because he is the greatest in the world

  25. The Great Whitini because he is the greatest magician in the world and is teaching his son to be the greatest.

  26. I really like Talon because he has orange in his color and orange is my favorite color.

  27. I think Tess & Bella would be my favorite because they are a team. I also like the pink colors on both of them. 🙂

  28. My favorite character is “Chill” The Reef Shark. He is a shop owner and seems to know a lot about surfing. He also loves going to Sharkey ‘ s Shake Shack and racking up a large bill. Looks very cute.

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