May 162014

Target Pizza Kitchen Deal

It’s Friday, which means movie night around here, but of course it is movie night frugal style. After school we made a quick stop at Publix and at Target next door to pick up free movie rentals and cheap pizzas. As an extra bonus we even got free frozen fruit bars as well. The kids were so excited that they finished up their homework and chores in record time, and the house is now very calm, as they are all watching Disney Planes.

Our Target California Pizza Kitchen Deal :
2 x California Pizza Kitchen pizzas on sale at 2 for $10

Outshine Bars $3.89 – Free with purchase of 2 California Pizza Kitchen pizzas

– $2/2 California Pizza Kitchen Target coupon

– 2 x $1.50 California Pizza Kitchen Pizza coupons  (Look for the coupon tab in the top of the right side of the page)

– $1/1 Outshine Bars coupon (Simply click the coupon link in the first post)

Total out of pocket $4

Total saved $11.87



Not all stores will let you use a coupon on a free product, but I didn’t have any problems. So for $4, we got pizzas, dessert and two free movies…not a  bad deal. You can read more about how to get free movie rentals here.


  4 Responses to “Target California Pizza Kitchen Deal & FREE Movie Rentals”

  1. where did you get the free fruit bars wub the pizza coupon!?

  2. Mary, the free friot bars are part of a Target offer, it is not a coupon

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