Winn-Dixie Kuddles Baby Products Review & $25 Gift Card Giveaway (2 Winners!)

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Have you ever tried the Kuddles baby products from Winn-Dixie? When our middle son was little, we lived right around the corner from Winn-Dixie, and the Kuddles brand was one of our go-to-brands for store brand diapers and baby products. So when I heard about the new and improved Winn-Dixie Kuddles baby products, I was eager to give them a try.

Winn Dixie Kuddles logo

Winn-Dixie was kind enough to stop by with an assortment of their Winn-Dixie baby products from the Kuddles brand.

Winn Dixie baby products

So, what’s new about the Winn-Dixie diapers and Winn-Dixie kuddles products?


  • New, softer, snugger drier diapers, with a back waistband for fit and containment and hypoallergenic and fragrance free liners, available in size 1 through size 5, plus training pants;
  • Alcohol-free baby and kid wipes in 10 assorted scents, including new Soothing Shea Butter, Lavender and Green Tea;
  •  FDA reviewed and approved baby formula with DHA and ARA in five varieties, featuring an innovative scoop that fits into the lid for easy access.


Bellamy Blue first tried out the Kuddles training pants for girls in a size 2 – 3, and the new and improved Kuddles training pants passed the tests with flying colors. Our little girl loved the flowers and butterfly design, it is both girly and discreet at the same time. The Winn-Dixie training pants also comes with wetness indicators, and these training pants are so light that they almost feel like underwear.


winn dixie diapers

We made it through the entire pack of training pants without a single accident, and we tested the training pants in a variety of situations. The Winn-Dixie training pants even held up, when we went a little too long without  a diaper change.

Winn Dixie brand training pants

Bellamy Blue has a bit of a sensitive bottom, but she did not have any negative reactions to the Kuddles training pants from Winn Dixie. One of the things that I always look for, when finding a great fit for diapers and training pants, is whether there is elastic in the back. The Kuddles training pants has a great elastic back, and even though the size 2 – 3 were a bit big for our 14-month old daughter, they still fit snug enough around the legs and the waist to prevent any leakage.

Winn Dixie diapers and baby wipes

The new Kuddles baby wipes also passed all of our tests, and the travel packages are great for the diaper bag, the swim bag, the gym bag and wherever else we go. The Kuddles baby wipes come in unscented and scented baby wipes with scents such as green tea & cucumber and shea butter. If you sign up for the Winn-Dixie Baby Club, they will send you a $1 off baby wipes coupon to be used at your local Winn-Dixie store.

Winn-Dixie store brand baby wipes pricing:

  • A travel pack of with 40 baby wipes for $1.49
  • A travel pack of 72 wipes for $2.59
  • A tub of 72 baby wipes for $2.99
  • A multi-pack of Kuddles baby wipes with 360 wipes for $10.79.


The Winn-Dixie baby wipes worked well for both diaper changes, hand wipes and even our youngest son’s big chocolatey mess after eating chocolate with his friends at the pool on a hot South Florida afternoon. With a single wipe from our Kuddles baby wipes, he was ready to jump back in the pool.

Winn Dixie baby wipes

In the past Bellamy Blue has not been fond of yogurt bites, but that was before she turned 1. When she discovered the Kuddles Yogurt Bites, she certainly became quite fond of them. In fact, she wanted the whole bag to herself.


Kuddles yogurt bites

The Kuddles yogurt bites for babies and toddlers are little meringue-like circle snacks which has a sweetness that all the kids seem to like. They disappear quite fast, when you start sharing with a few friends.

Besides the Kuddles yogurt bites in strawberry or banana flavor, Winn-Dixie also sells other baby snacks such as Kuddles Little Puffs and Kuddles Crunchies on sale at 5 for $9.

yogurt bites for babies


We still give Bellamy Blue a bottle twice a day, so we were curious about the Winn-Dixie infant formula. Kuddles infant formula has a very practical design, and as parents, we especially appreciated not having to dig the scoop handle out of the formula. Before opening, the scoop handle is located outside of the actual formula under the lid, and after opening, the scoop handle easily slides into the corner to prevent it from falling back into the formula powder again.

The Kuddles Infant formula is complete with DHA and ARA, it is FDA reviewed and approved, and it comes in five varieties. Next time you pick up baby formula at the store, make sure to compare the ingredients in the Kuddles infant formula to the expensive name brand ones. All infant formulas sold in the United States meet the same FDA requirements, and over the years we have used both store brands and expensive name brands without seeing any difference in our kids.


Winn-Dixie Infant Formula

Our little girl has been drinking some of the expensive name brand formula for the past couple of weeks, so we were quite interested to see, if she would notice a difference, once we switched to the Winn-Dixie brand infant formula. Bellamy Blue did not notice any difference, and she enjoyed her nightly bottle just as much as ever.

Winn-Dixie Infant Formula

The Kuddles baby wash, Kuddles baby shampoo and Kuddles baby lotion is very similar to the name brand baby products as well, and from our experience these work just as well but come at a better price. As an example a bottle of Kuddles baby lotion costs $2.29, whereas the national name brand baby lotion of comparable size and ingredients costs $4.49.

Winn Dixie store brand baby shampoo

The extensive selection of Winn-Dixie baby products includes Kuddles diapers, Kuddles training pants, Kuddles baby wipes, Kuddles baby shampoo, Kuddles baby wash, Kuddles baby lotion, Kuddles infant formula, Kuddles baby snacks, Kuddles baby food, Kuddles rice cereal and more, all of which provide an affordable alternative to pricier name brands.

We liked the Kuddles baby products so much that we went back to Winn-Dixie this week to get more.


The Winn-Dixie Baby Club

We have been a member of the Winn-Dixie baby club for more than 7 years, and we love it. Once a month you will get Winn-Dixie coupons in the mail, and with the $3 diaper coupon, you can get diapers for as low as $3.49 at Winn-Dixie. You can sign up for the Winn-Dixie baby club in store with your Winn-Dixie rewards card.


Winn Dixie store brand baby products

 Summer Fun, Summer Smart

Make sure to stop by Winn-Dixie this summer to pick up Kuddles snacks, Kuddles diapers, Kuddles baby wipes and more at affordable prices, so that you keep everyone happy and clean when you are out having summer fun.

Find all of the Summer Fun, Summer Smart giveaways by clicking the image below.


Summer Fun Summer Smart Review & Giveaway Event


Buy Kuddles – The Winn Dixie Baby Brand


Winn Dixie logo


You can find all of the Kuddles products featured here at your local Winn-Dixie store, and if you have a Winn-Dixie store in your area, make sure to sign up for the Winn-Dixie baby club.

Learn more about the sales, rewards and  Winn-Dixie baby products here.

Winn Dixie Kuddles baby products

Win A Winn-Dixie Gift Card

Winn-Dixie wants you to give their new and improved Kuddles products a try.

Two (2) of Frugality Is Free’s readers will each win a $25 Winn-Dixie gift card.




US Giveaway rules

This giveaway will end Saturday June 23th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary Kuddles samples for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Winn-Dixie baby products from the Kuddles line of store brand baby products. 

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    I already bought some Maxwell House coffee that is on sale this week.

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    I’m getting oreo cookies, domino sugar, kraft singles, baby carrots, broccoli, strawberries, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing.

  7. Michelle Dull says:


  8. tracey byram says:

    I’d get the Kraft cheese, two Tropicana juices, Angus beef patties, buy one get one free Doritos.

  9. shelley says:

    I plan to add Capri Suns to my Winn Dixie shopping list. They are on sale 2 for $4. Hmm, I better add the bogo Doritos, too.

  10. e michelle says:

    I love the bogo’s! Since walmart here price matches bogos its a great place to start to save money! I shop at winn dixie for meat only! THey have the best deals for bogos! I try to get there around 6 pm to chatch any deals for the day like mark down!

  11. Daniel G. says:

    Purex, Charmin, crest

  12. Gina M says:

    I would love to add fresh pineapple that is on sale 2/$5 this week! We love fresh pineapple as a healthy dessert!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

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    kraft singles and sirloin steaks

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    love to stock up on purex laundry soap

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    They have a great price on kraft singles this week! I’d probably stock up on that and arm and hammer laundry detergent!

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    I will be getting the Oreo Cookies for my 2 Grandsons. Oreos are their favorite Cookie. They are on sale for 2 for $5.00.

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    I would put kraft singles and serloin steaks. I would also get oreo’s. They are my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  19. Annmarie W. says:

    At $1.99 a pound, I’d pick up some vine ripe tomatoes!

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    I would definitely get some Beggin Strips, because they are $1 of two and I have some manufacturer’s coupons as well.

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    I could use alot for the weekend, corn 4/$1 the bogo hefty cups and muellers pasta. So many great deals

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    Maxwell House coffee

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    The Maxwell coffee and oreos

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    I would love to add the Fresh Ground Chuck Value pack for $2.99 a pound to my grocery list this week. Perfect for summer!

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  32. Melissa says:

    Hoping to save some money with my newborn! Kuddles seems like a good option!

  33. Syb says:

    The baby wipes for sure, they rock! ☺

  34. triff says:

    I would definitely go for the Kuddles or Huggies diapers. I babysat for my first grandchild
    yesterday for the first time and another brand’s diaper tab pulled off when i tried to use it.
    Can also use the baby wipes for him here at Grammy’s house!

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  44. Laurie Emerson says:

    I would get some eggs, Chek soda, Gatorade, Oscar Mayer Meat Franks, Kool Aid Jammers,Tyson Chicken Strips and Sara Lee Butter Bread. I shop there every week and love how much money I can save, especially with my Winn Dixie reward card.

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  53. Lana Gramlich says:

    Kuddles petroleum jelly burns my skin (where Vaseline doesn’t.) Be careful using this product!

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