Jun 272014

Our oldest son recently outgrew P.S. Aeropostale in jeans, so the other day we headed to the Aeropostale clearance sale to see, if we could figure out what pants size he needs. I was hoping that their smallest size 27/28 is just a tiny bit too small, which means that it will be way too small by the time school starts. Their next size up a 28/30 is too wide in the waist and just a bit too long. With a belt we got the with the work, and I am sure that the jeans will fit just right in the length by Christmas, as our oldest tween grows faster than I can shop for him these days.

$10 for a pair of jeans is not too bad, and since we have two boys following him, I consider a pair of quality jeans a good investment.

Aeropostle Jeans on sale


Aeropostale Clearance Sale:

Aeropostale Jeans on clearance at $12.99 (Original price $39.50)

Aeropostale Tank Top on clearance at $2.99 (Original price $16.50)


– 20 percent off Aeropostale coupon (NLA)

Total out of pocket $12.78

Total saved $43.22

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  1. Ooooh, what an awesome deal! I love the selection that Aeropostale offers! That is a lot in savings! Thanks!

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