Jun 012014

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Here in the Frugality Is Free family, the kids are excited and they are counting down the years to our first World Disney Vacation. Yes, you heard me right. The deal is that the year our youngest turns 3, that’s the year we will head to Disney. Why? Because, we only want to take the kids once, we want them to big enough to remember their trip, we want them to be tall enough to try most of the rides….and as I said we only want to go once. Anyways, one way that we are saving up for our Disney vacation is by saving up Disney gift cards from the Disney Movie Rewards program. Right now you can get free Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes here.


Get Your Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes:

  1. Go to the Disney Movie Rewards Pinterest account to get your Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes here.
  2. Click the Countdown To Summer board. (See the image below)
  3. Log into your Disney Movie Rewards account and enter the code.
  4. The code for June 1 & June 2 expires 6/3/14 at 8:59am PDT.
  5. Check again for a new code every day at 9:00am PDT  (noon Eastern time)


Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points


You can always find the latest Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes here at Frugality Is Free.

  2 Responses to “Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes – Summer Countdown”

  1. Thanks for the heads up! We love Disney Movie Rewards. Elliott just ordered two DVD’s and a plush toy from there, and is running low on points now. He tends to end up getting Disney movies for his birthday, Christmas, and with his allowance whenever new ones come out, so we have been able to get some great prizes over the years with Disney Movie Rewards.

  2. i need to make a disney movie rewards account! i use pampers gift to grow, coke rewards, lean cuisisne rewards, and kelloggs rewards. so much to keep up with!

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