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ALDI foods

Now that summer vacation has arrived, I am often asked about how to save money on groceries. With the kids home from school all day, grocery spending usually goes up, and while I always recommend using coupons, I am also aware that many of our readers as well as many of the people in our community simply do not have time for couponing.

As a frugal blogger, my effort to spread frugality does not limit itself to our blog, and while I share coupons, deal hunting finds and couponing knowledge with everyone who wants to listen, I always end up saying:

If you don’t have time to coupon – shop at ALDI!

At first most people seem skeptical about a store that they are unfamiliar with, about the product names and brands that they have not heard about, and about the thought of saying goodbye to the brands that they have grown up with, yet it only takes a visit or two before I have them convinced. Being able to fill up a grocery cart for less than $100 is something that a lot of families strive to do, and at ALDI it is possible without compromising on the quality of the food or the healthy options available.

Shopping at ALDI is a nice alternative to clipping coupons, because the everyday prices are so low that I can fill up the grocery cart without having to worry about the total at the register. I’ve actually met first-time customers at our local ALDI store, who shook their heads after paying mumbling about how they could not believe how little they paid.


How To Save Money On Groceries With ALDI:

  • Low dairy prices
  • Low prices on chicken
  • Low everyday prices on produce
  • Weekly produce deals
  • Weekly meat deals
  • Low every day prices on baking products
  • Low every day prices on snacks
  • Low every day prices on cereal
  • Low prices on hurricane goods



While we still love coupons in the Frugality Is Free family, we simply cannot get coupons for everything we need. This is why we usually combine deals with coupons at our local grocery stores, but for the basics we head to ALDI.

Here in South Florida a gallon of milk at ALDI is currently $3.29, which is the highest it has ever been down here, but it is still a dollar less than it is at our regular grocery stores. As an extra bonus, our ALDI milk is hormone free! With five out of our six family members dealing with lactose intolerance, we also highly appreciate the low cost of ALDI lactose free milk at $2.79 for half a gallon, which is a lot less than the $4+, it costs us for a lactose free milk elsewhere.

Chicken is another must-buy at ALDI, because at ALDI chicken starts at $1.29/lb. We have used ALDI’s chicken for years, and we have never had a single complaint about the fresh chicken from ALDI.

The low every day prices on produce is one of the main reasons, why we shop at ALDI. With two of our family members being vegetarian, and with a desire to always have healthy snack options available, ALDI is our number one store for produce. A 10 lb bag of baking potatoes can cost as much as $3.59 or as little as $1.99, depending on whether or not potatoes are on sale. This is a hard deal to beat! We also always pick up broccoli crowns at ALDI, as we can get a big bag of broccoli for as little as $1.39 (and that’s not even a sale price). We love their sweet mini peppers, and we pick up 1 lb bags of mini sweet peppers for $2.49 (when they are not on sale).




Of course, when it comes to fruit, ALDI is the reason why our fruit bowl is always full. Our sons had been asking for months, when ALDI would have watermelons again, and now that watermelon season is here, we always bring home a huge seedless watermelon, which usually costs around $3. We stock up on bananas at $0.44/lb, and in general all the produce prices are just lower than at our other local grocery stores, but the quality is the same or even better. As an extra bonus, ALDI usually has four different produce deals every week. This week we got a pint of blueberries for $1.29, a huge watermelon for $2.99, a pound of strawberries for $1.29, a 4 pack of corn on the cob for $1.69, and ALDI also has a pack of portabella mushrooms on sale for $1.69.

If you are looking for organic food, ALDI even has great prices on organic produce, snacks and more. Do you follow a gluten free diet? Don’t worry, ALDI just recently came out with a gluten free brand too.

ALDI is also our go-to place for baking goods, because of the low prices on flour, sugar, and everything else we need to bake. If you are a baker, you simply must check out the bakery section at ALDI. ALDI might not have everything you need, but they sure have great prices on all the basics from flour to icing and vanilla.


best snack foods from ALDI


While we can often get good deals on snacks at the grocery store, when we combine coupons with sales, it is not always that we can find our kids’ favorite snacks on sale, and if they are not on sale, the cost is quite outrageous. This is why we always pick up a variety of snacks at ALDI, and now that summer vacation is here, we need snacks more than ever. Fig bars for only $0.89, a big pack of cookies for $1.39, a pound of pretzels for $1.29, chips for $1.19, veggie straws for $1.79 and much much more.

Finally, when it comes to stocking up on goods for hurricane season, ALDI is the place to go. If there is a storm coming, we always make sure to make it to ALDI to stock up on canned goods at low prices, and water! Right now you can get 24 bottles of water for $1.99! The regular price is $2.29 for a 24 pack.

A few years ago, Frugality Is Free celebrated the arrival of ALDI in South Florida, and now we have 15 stores here. Our only regret is that we have to drive a good 15 minutes to our closest ALDI store, we sure hope they’ll finally make it to our part of South Florida soon….we can’t wait!


If you want more tips on how to save on groceries make sure to follow Frugality Is Free via email, or follow us via our social networks. We always try to share how we save on groceries, so that you can do so too.



 Shop At ALDI

You can check out your local ALDI ad at the ALDI website, and in South Florida you can shop at the following South Florida ALDI Stores:


ALDI Hialeah, FL7800 W. 33rd Avenue, Bay #2
Hialeah, FL 33018
ALDI Ft Lauderdale, FL1707 E. Commercial Blvd.
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334
ALDI Miami, FL8621 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33155-2337
ALDI Hialeah, FL1460 W. 49th Street
Hialeah, FL 33012

ALDI Tamarac, FL7050 N. University Dr
Tamarac, FL 33321-2916
ALDI Delray Beach, FL4801 Linton Blvd.
Delray Beach, FL 33445-6503
ALDI Miami Gardens, FL19100 NW 27th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33056
ALDI Coral Springs,FL6198 W. Sample Rd
Coral Springs, FL 33067-3176
ALDI Cutler Bay, FL19650 S. Dixie Highway
Cutler Bay, FL 33157-7610
ALDI Pembroke Pines, FL11330 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026-4102
ALDI Deerfield Beach, FL3825 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-9481
ALDI Palm Springs, FL3403 S. Congress
Palm Springs, FL 33461
ALDI Lauderdale Lakes,FL3301 N. State Road 7
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319-5617
ALDI Deerfield Beach, FL747 S. Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
ALDI West Palm Beach, FL2481 Okeechobee Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33409-4001

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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received an ALDI gift certificate to help spread the word about our favorite ALDI foods. Any opinions expressed above our based solely on our experience with shopping at ALDI and ALDI’s products.

  304 Responses to “How To Save Money On Groceries with ALDI + Enter To Win A $50 ALDI Giveaway!”

  1. I would like to try their Specially Selected
    Aged Cheddar Cheese Brats. I also like their Fit & Active chocolately chip protein meal bars.

  2. I want to get the frozen treat maker for 29.99, clancys tortilla chips for 1.69, seasons choice corn on the cob for 1.79 , efferve sparkling lemonade for 2.29, and bakers corner cookie brownie bars for 1.99.They have good deals.

  3. I would like to try their corn chips at $1.19. Also their ranch dressing at $1.29. We have liked everything we have tried from Aldi–it was the Frugality is Free family that got us to try Aldi in the first place.

  4. I love the simplicity of shopping at Aldi. It is smaller than a regular grocery store, but has a large selection of items. It is also always clean–and of course the prices!

    • You can not go wrong with ALDI fruits and produce prices and everything is always fresh. I need go to get more watermelon and blueberries.

  5. My aldi has blueberries for 99cent a pint, might have to stop and grab some!

  6. The best part about shopping at ALDI of course is the high quality produce at great prices! I can get strawberries and bananas at dirt cheap prices.

  7. My family would love to take advantage of the 1.19 strawberries and blueberries price this week! We eat fruit a lot!

  8. No matter what you buy at ALDI you always save 30% compared to other grocery stores

  9. They have amazing deals on produce.. I always get the cheap bananas or seedless grapes. The baby carrots, cucumbers and lettuce is also some of the items I purchase.

  10. I usually only buy produce at Aldis which is a great savings compared to the grocery chain stores. This week we would get the blueberries for 99c pk and the strawberries for $1.29 pk.

  11. I really like the produce at Aldis because maily of the prices but they usually are all fresh and not bruised or too ripe. They do, however package their bananas in a plastic bag which I don’t like. I make sure I go to Aldis at least 3 times a month for fresh produce.

  12. I love our local Aldi. I need to stop buy this weekend and pick up some L’ovin Fresh Kaiser rolls and the Great Gherkins refrigerated dill spears that are on special this week for work lunches,

  13. […] you are here, don’t forget to enter our ALDI giveaway. You can enter to win $50 in ALDI gift certificates, so that you can go on a shopping spree at […]

  14. Visited and my favorite deal is the $2.99 a ib cherries, I will definitely be going to stock up on them!

  15. I like blueberry and strawberry deals, they are prefect for fruit smoothie in summer. Cantaloupe deal is good as well.

  16. The deals that we would go for is the things that they have for a good BBQ with the family.

  17. We love saving at Aldi! Great deals this week on strawberries & blueberries and stuff to make smores!

  18. I would go for the corn and blueberries this week. I am not as close to Aldi as I wish I was, but am so excited that one is opening less than 5 minutes from me in a month or so. Can wait to take advantage of all the fresh produce without having to drive so far.

  19. I love all of the fresh fruits and veggies. I also like the prices for cheese and milk. Some of the seasonal items are fun too.

  20. The deals that are posted this week that I would take advantage of would be the sweet corn for .99/lb, fresh pack of boneless chicken breast 1.99/lb and belmont sherbert for 1.99.

  21. I would like the drink containers

  22. I love love Aldi ,they always have the freshest produce! Their prices are always great, my kids love the cheddar penguins that they carry.thank you for the chance to enter

  23. I want to get the strawberries, blueberries and corn from the produce section. I want to try the Sundae Shoppe Triple Chocolate Sundae Cones. They are at a good price.

  24. I love the low prices on milk, eggs, bread and produce. Their products are comparable to the national brands.

  25. I love Aldi for their fresh produce!!! So excited to get their watermelon this week!!!

  26. I would purchase the Fresh Pork Spare ribs at $1.99 a pound. What a great deal

  27. I shop at Aldi’s weekly…(NO MORE WALMART FOR ME!!!)
    At this point I don’t even have to look at the prices….I can FILL my cart and KNOW that I have stayed within my budget!
    Other than buying all my produce and dairy, I use ALDI mainly for snacks and lunchbox items. Chips, lunchmeat, fruit cups, desserts, and bottled water. My whole family takes their lunch to work/school now….even hubby!! Can’t even imagine how much $$$ we’ve saved on lunch money!
    My only problem is that my closest Aldi is 25 miles away…hoping they open one closer to me soon! Totally worth the drive once a week though!!

  28. I would love to get the cherries,watermelon,chicken thighs and puffcorn(my daughter has braces and REALLY misses popcorn!)I shop at Aldi’s all the time and LOVE it!

  29. My kids would love the Specially Selected Aged Cheddar Cheese Brats and the Clancy’s Bagel Chips. We love Aldi!

  30. I love Aldi because of the low prices and the quality. I especially love all of the special European treats, like German Chocolate or cookies. I always make sure to buy a bunch at Christmas for my kids.

  31. I buy fruit and veggies at Aldi. Love the quality and the prices! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  32. wed like the 99 cents sweet corn. we love to get fruits and veggies at aldi!

  33. We have a big family dinner coming up and I’ll be making guacamole. The 29 cent avocados are going to help a lot – now I can make double the guac!!!

  34. All the produce is great prices. I would take advantage of all of those items.

  35. My favorite everyday things at Aldi is their napkins, cheese, and tomato paste. (Weird but we use a lot of these.). I also love it when they have some of our favorite fresh veggies and fruits on special.

  36. I would buy fruits, vegetables and meat

  37. i would get strawberries and blueberries

  38. I’d like to get the blueberries, strawberries & watermelon to start. Also I’d like the Kitchen Living shaped baking pans.

  39. I would like the blueberries

  40. I like that Aldi has some really good buys. I shop there every few weeks and we have a number of items that we like to stock up on.

  41. I would love to try their fresh fruit; blueberries, strawberries and watermelon. I also love their fit and active yogurt 🙂

  42. Kirkwood Garlic & Herb Seasoned Chicken Breasts

  43. I would love to get the cherries and strawberries this week. In the summer I always crave fruit and its usually expensive but the deals are definitely great.

  44. Kitchen Living
    Frozen Treat Maker would be fun to have! It would be a great way to get my kids to eat more fruits and veggies!

  45. I want the Fresh USDA Choice Ribeye Steak for $9.49 per pounds deal. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  46. I will definitely get the ground beef when I go today. I may also get some of the strawberries and blueberries.

  47. The thing I love most about ALDI is the quality that you still get even though their prices are low. I also love their double money back guarantee.

  48. whether you are on a budget or not nobody beats Aldi for quality food prices

  49. having only started recently to shop at Aldi, I was surprised to find how clean their stores are and to find what I consider to be great selection, their own brand is excellent especially their pizza

  50. I would like the blueberries for 99 cents and cherries for $2.99 a pound. I like the produce prices.

  51. I would get the PurAqua purified drinking water, 24 16.9oz bottles at $1.99.

  52. I have not shopped at Aldi yet, but am looking forward to going there for major $avings!

  53. I would LOVE to get the Crispy baked onion rings.. ooooo I LOVE those things! I will put them on my salads, I will put them on a ham sandwich, I will just eat the right out of the package as a snack.

  54. WHAT do I LOVE about Aldi? Ever since discovering it, I SAVE so much money, its unreal. SO much money. I do no have to keep a tally at Adi. I used to have to tally myself as I shopped, to not go over the money I had for the week to spend. I do NOT have to do this at Aldi. I just fill my cart, and never go over budget We are eating better thanever

  55. So many great deals on fruit! yummy 🙂

  56. We eat a ton of fruit and it usually is not very cheap, so Aldi’s is a great way for us to stock up and not break the bank 🙂 Also, summer time means lots of get-togethers so chips and other treats are always needed too.

  57. The fruit is a very good value this week. I would pick up the strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes.

  58. I like there blueberry deals.

  59. I’m going to take advantage of some of the sale prices on produce. Especially on bananas and mangos.

  60. I love that they have great prices and that the people that work there are always nice.

  61. Wow! They have 12-pack of coke cabs for $2.99. Perfect for 4th of July party

  62. I actually like the non-food isle and think it doesn’t get enough recognition. I got an air mattress for $20. Not something youd think of buying there!

  63. I saw chicken breasts for $5.99 for 48oz ($2 per lb)–my must buy price. Aldi is our go-to store for meats. I also saw a salad spinner/keeper for $6.99–I really could use this!

  64. Aldi is one of our favorite stores! Several of my regular grocery items are much more affordable at Aldi’s. I like to buy meats and cheeses, veggies, and some items that just appear on their ad. On grocery day, Aldi is my first stop.

  65. We LOVE Aldi’s, and go there all the time. This week, we’ll stock up on blueberries, cherries, and pine nuts!

  66. What we love about Aldi’s: the incredible wonderful produce, the European chocolate, the more-than-reasonable prices for over-the-counter health care items, the meat, the trail mix, the cheeses, the bread and buns which are often on sale, the olive oil, and the occasional surprise unusual item…we love darn near all of it!

  67. We eat a lot of chicken, so I know that we’d love to get the Kirkwood Chicken Breasts for $5.99. That is a lot cheaper than Walmart!

  68. I looked at the Aldi ad and instantly found a $4.99 Mandoline, a fabulous price on Snickers Ice cream bars, the friendly farms Iced Coffee. I’ve never shopped at Aldi but, based on this ad, I would.

  69. I heard the prices were good but I had no idea how good until I looked at the ad.

  70. Because we are trying to eat healthier snacks, I would take advantage of the strawberries, grapes and watermelon per the ad.

  71. Our family would love the Kirkwood Garlic & Herb Seasoned Chicken Breasts for the grill for the 4th.

  72. We love Aldi because of their low prices and the quality of their products and their friendly people.

  73. My family loves Aldi. I do 95% of my shopping there. Everything I buy there is awesome. My family really enjoys the snack food. Honestly it is all good!

  74. I love their prices so much cheaper than big name competitors and selection of grocery items.

  75. I want this deal – blueberries only $1.19 a pint.
    These are great for smoothies, salads & oatmeal!
    thank you

  76. I shop at Aldi every week.
    And I so love their produce.
    The quality & price is fantastic!

  77. I usually only buy produce at Aldis which saves a lot of money

  78. I would stock up on blueberries for 1.29

  79. I love aldi, I can get in and out in like 15 minutes and get all my fruits and veggies for the week.

  80. Would love to get 1.29 a pint blueberries!

  81. I love Aldi because there are certain products that are just higher quality at a great price. I like the European products, especially the chocolate bars

  82. we would be using the blueberries for 99 cents.
    And the coke for 2.99.

  83. what i like most is you said they sell lactose free milk.
    i never even thought they would have that!

  84. I would buy watermelon, their ice cream cones, bananas, their Greek yogurt & some potato chips.

  85. I would love to get the Crofton 2-Pack Double Wall Cup With Straw!

  86. I love their ice cream, fresh vegetables & fruit.

  87. I love Aldi! We will be buying the strawberries, blueberries, cherries, a watermelon, and whatever other gems we find while browsing. Their chocolate is good too!

  88. I really like the produce at Aldi but a lot of people don’t know that they have deals on things other than food too. Last year, I bought some great water guns for less than $10 each!

  89. I would stock up on produce and frozen fruit which Aldi’s has a good brand of.

  90. Those cherries are the best price around. I buy a lot of produce from them in the summer and freeze it. I’m heading over there this morning to stock up on cherries and mangos.

  91. I like Aldi for a lot of reasons – I like the size of the store, it carries just about everything I want to buy, they have a lot of healthy food, they have great prices on everything, they always have good produce, the lines are never very long, there are never carts to bang your car in the parking lot and the people that work there are really nice. I could go on and on, I really DO like Aldi’s.

  92. i like the cherries for $1.99/lb

  93. i have never shopped there but have heard they offer reasonable prices

  94. I’d like to get the Belmont
    Fruit Bars for $1.99

  95. I’ve never shopped there but I have heard about low prices.

  96. I like the prices on their fruit this week

  97. I like the prices!

  98. I would like to try the Kirkwood Garlic & Herb seasoned Chicken Breasts along with the Happy Farms Preferred
    Feta Cheese Crumbles for a great summer salad

  99. Aldi had great prices especially on produce and dairy

  100. They have $1.19/pint blueberries which we use in our shakes everyday so pretty cool!

  101. They have a lot of great deals this week. I would like to snag the Sundae Shoppe Fudge Pops for 1.99 Would taste great on hot days

  102. Aldi offers great savings!

  103. I shopped Aldi yesterday and got blueberrie ($1.19), bananas (.44lb), Watermelon ($2.99), corn (.20/ear) and Aspsragus ($2.29) – Great deals!

  104. I could use the greek yogurt for 75 cents the Bolder paper towels for 6.99 and the over the door mirror for 9.99.

  105. Aldi tortilla chips are a great deal.

  106. My favorite products at Aldi are the diary products. They’re cheap and hormone-free.

  107. I’d like the Easy Home Cube Organizer, for my kids rooms!! Also loving the $1.49 for a bag of Onion Rings deal. My kids and I eat the heck out of those things!

  108. I love a lot of things about Aldi. I love their low prices, I love that the store isn’t crowded like other grocery stores around here, and I like that not only do they have good deals on groceries, but other items such as household items and toys for kids.

  109. The produce deals look amazing this week, especially the cherries! I’m also going to pick up some of the frozen chicken breasts, only $5.00 a pkg!

  110. I think we could most use the Huntington Home 2-Pack Jumbo Bed Pillows. If you could see how flat most of our pillows are, you might wonder “why bother wiht one”.

  111. I like the corn 4 pack for .99 cents and the 1.99 for a 16 oz package of cherries. Those are good deals!

  112. I like to eat salad during the warmer months but they tend to be plain jane salads. I could pimp my salads with Happy Farms Preferred Feta Cheese Crumbles. Its only $1.99 for 4 ounces and since the cheese is so flaforful, the container would last for a few servings.

  113. I’ve been to Aldi’s once (they had a really good special on hanging floral plants). I did not have the time to browse the rest of the store BUT I did notice the store was well stocked, had almost all necessary grocery items, and was brightly lit, clean and organized.

  114. I like our Aldi store but I wish they’d put their milk prices in their ad. It’s maddening to go to Aldi and NOT get the best milk price. This week, I’d buy summer fruit like strawberries and blueberries.

  115. I like Aldi. The baked goods are our favorites. Cookies, bread, buns, toaster treats and snack are all delicious and so much less than named brands. GLTA

  116. I would definitely be buying some produce this week, like some nice cherries ($2.39/lb) and some strawberries ($1.29 for a 16oz package) and maybe cantaloupe ($1.29 each). Other things I need this week include hot dog buns (89 cents!) and blocks of cheese ($1.99 for an 8oz package).

  117. I love that Aldi has such great prices, and even though it is generic, everything I have tried has tasted just as good as name brand. I only wish there was one closer to me, as the closest one is about a half-hour drive away, so I try not to buy too many cold items unless I bring a cooler with me.

  118. I am going to get some Sundae Shoppe
    Cookies & Cream Sundae Cones

  119. I would love to get seedless watermelon for $2.99, that’s the lowest price I have seen. I just bought some from Kroger for $3.77 too.

  120. I actually haven’t shopped at aldi but I have heard some good things about it. they opened an Aldi in our town about a year or two ago, and while it isn’t the closest store to my home, I want to check out their deals.

  121. My family would love to get the cherries, strawberries, and watermelon.

  122. My favorite thing about shopping at Aldi is the variety and the prices of course. I also love that they have weeks where they carry German foods.

  123. I love their German and other European items. It’s my favorite shopping spot for Christmas goodies.

  124. I like the comfortable shopping environment of Aldi’s.

  125. We shop at aldi’s all the time. I can’t imagine affording produce during the year other than what I can grow in my yard if I didn’t shop here! I would buy the Crofton
    6-Piece Rectangle Container Set this week. My husband has to use a see through back pack for a lunch box (they aren’t allowed to leave for lunch at his job) and everything has to be in see through containers. He can’t even use packets from restaurants for his condiments because they won’t pass through the metal detector. It’s a pain, and these containers are a must

  126. I shop at the wake Forest Aldi’s and I love their prices. I buy my Naked juice there, and I always buy our goat cheese there. I can’t beat their prices on these things

  127. My new favorite thing to buy at Aldi is their brick of CLANCY Cheese Melt (their version of Velveeta). It is so creamy and makes the BEST home-made Macaroni & cheese. Also, in each trip, I buy a package of fresh Broccoli crowns …. cook some and add that to your mac & cheese! You’ll LOVE it!

  128. Last week I got the best deal– 99 cent a lb strawberries and 1.59 lb cherries! I am making strawberry jam and I froze a ton of cherries for my smoothies. This week they bumped up the price of cherries to $1.69lb—still amazing! I always find the best produce deals at Aldi!!!

  129. I love Aldi’s!!! I would love to score the $.29 peaches!!

  130. I love the prices and the produce is better then supermarkets!

  131. At our local Aldi’s Chicken is just 95 cents a pound, the best deal I’ve ever seen for meat in grocery stores.

  132. I would love to get some of the Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Pizzas for $1.99, Willow Bath Tissue for $4.99, and some fresh Sirloin Pork Grillers for $2.99lb. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  133. I would get the friendly farms coffee creamer for 2.19

  134. I shop at Aldi from time to time, I do like it though I usually only get the stuff I really need. I still have to shop at others stores for the rest.

  135. I’ll be getting the short ribs summer special at Aldis. Mmmmm

  136. […] you are here, don’t forget to enter our two ALDI giveaways. You can enter to win $50 in ALDI gift certificates, so that you can go on a shopping spree at […]

  137. I shop at Aldi almost exclusively! I love how they label gluten free and the new G-Free line is great! I buy Pepperoni, organic fruit and veggies, eggs, Greek yogurt, cheese, any G-Free products I can find, steak and chicken, dark chocolate, stevia, and the nitrate free bacon!

  138. Tomatoes are a great deal to me this week!

  139. We have a new Aldi here in Norman, Oklahoma and I would love to pick up a bunch of these Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt, in different flavors, they are yummy

  140. I like that Aldi is clean, no weird odors, and they move products fast and get what is popular and in season, nice selection.

  141. Hands down, this week I will be all over the produce at Aldi! The 99 cent pineapples are always my favorite produce deal at Aldi. You just can’t beat that price anywhere!

  142. I love that Aldi always has low prices on produce. It is hard to feed a family healthy foods on a budget, so I love to use coupons at the mainstream grocery stores and I always utilize Aldi for pantry essentials and produce deals!

  143. Never had a complaint from my family when I buy produce or meat from Aldi’s…

  144. My son is a fruit-a-holic, so I will be buying plums, peaches, nectarines and grapes this week. My favorite purchase a few weeks ago was a soft kitchen mat I bought from Aldis. I loved it so much I went back and bought a second one. It was only $9.99 and they run $50 and up at other places.

  145. I started shopping at Aldi’s a few months ago and saw milk was $1.99. I was amazed and started purchasing other items each time I went. I stop once a week now on my way home for essentials, milk, eggs, bananas and pretzels. I love looking around to see whats new. Always great prices.

  146. I’ll be picking up the Mama Cozzi Pepperoni Pizza for $1.99. Quite a few to be honest. I have a 15yo boy who is home for the summer & man, that child can eat!

  147. What do I not love about Aldi would be easier? There really isn’t anything I don’t love about them. I really love that bread is so cheap & banana’s, not to mention cookies! LOL & eggs & milk. With 3 boys & one large man child, they help me keep my budget under control!

  148. I went this week and loaded up with veggies and several of the special buys. Of course I sliced my thumb on the mandolin as soon as I started.

  149. We love to stock up on cheap produce at Aldi. This week I would buy cheap grapes and nectarines!

  150. the great prices on produce is what I would buy

  151. I’d like to stock up on meat this week. The steaks and chicken breast are on sale!

  152. I love shopping at Aldi’s! Some of the great deals I saw in the current ad were tuna for 69 cents, pizza for $1.99, and red grapes for $1.19. I usually love buying whole wheat bread, produce, milk and eggs at Aldi’s too.

  153. Aldi’s is my favorite grocery store for many reasons! I love their great weekly specials on produce. We always buy bread and milk there. They also have some special seasonal sale items that are interesting!

  154. We eat avocados on everything so getting 3 for a dollar would really help. Cherries and nectarines follow close behind.

  155. I want to try the Deutsche Kuche pretzel dough in sea salt for $2.49. I have been shopping at Aldi for years and love the savings! I got a lot of things for my garden this spring there. Last week I was excited to find these beautiful glass bottles with ceramic tops of sparkling lemonade from France for under $3! They are gift worthy.

  156. I love Aldi for their dairy prices – always buy cheese there – shredded mozzarella, cheese sticks, sharp cheddar bricks and now they carry Brie rounds. For the Brie I also pick up a bag of almond slivers and a box of their wheat crackers and it makes a great snack for parties.

  157. At our local Aldi’s, Frozen peas are only 95 cents a bag- extremely reasonable! The coffee is also on sale at $3.99, even the Decaf!

  158. 99 cents for blueberries.you cant go wrong there at all.regular places have them for almost 4 or 5 dollars

  159. aldi’s is my favorite store.love the deals they have everyday.the price is definatley right

  160. I love Aldi’s fruit deals. Grapes for super cheap, avocadoes for .33. Cherries for as cheap as I’ve ever seen them. Their chicken thighs are a great deal too. Less than a buck a pound.

  161. The best deal this week is cucumbers and tomatoes on the vine. I will be making me a salad for work and dinner at thiese prices.

  162. What I love about Aldi is they have the best prices on coffee, milk, butter, and bread of any grocery store near me. Sometimes the lines are long but thats’ because everyone loves a bargain.

  163. I love all the produce deals- cucumbers, blueberries, tomatos on the vine! Would love to take advantage of the nice summer vegetables

  164. I love the low prices that dont require coupons or rewards cards. I also like that they encourage bringing your own bags to cut down on trash and wasted plastic bags.

  165. This week would would stock up on the following deals: Chicken Thighs, Baby Bella Mushrooms, Grape Tomatoes, Multi-Peppers and Baby Carrots.

  166. I love the produce prices! I can get tons of fresh healthy foods to feed my family for a fraction of the price at other grocery stores! They also have great prices on milk!

  167. I would grab some of their produce, Bolthouse Farms
    Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and the SimplyNature
    Organic Yogurt Bars. My husband loves shopping at Aldi’s for great deals!

  168. My husband loves shopping at ALDI’s! He is constantly telling me about the deals he gets there. I love their produce, it is always fresh!

  169. I know my family would love if I got some of the Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Bars and ice cream sandwiches! And their price for Parkview Brats is excellent!

  170. I would picj up some pork chops for griilling, peanut butter for quick sandwhiches and they have an amazing array of produce

  171. corn chips at $1.19 and I go to Aldi every weekend, it is next to my work place.

  172. i would love to try Specially Selected Aged Cheddar Cheese Brats on the grill. I love their great prices makes my dollars spread farther.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  173. What I really love about Aldis are the low prices on frozen vegetables, very affordable! The coffee selections are nice also.

  174. We love Aldi here! I plan on picking up the watermelons for our summer picnic at Aldi this week! Our local store had hot dog buns for 10 cents a pack and bananas for 0.25 cents a LB a few weeks ago. We always shop Aldi.

  175. We’re getting cucumbers and ground turkey, and probably a stepladder, this week. Love Aldi!

  176. The .99/lb on the vine tomatoes would be awesome,as well as the $1.25 strawberries and blueberries! Their 99 cent BBQ sauce looks pretty inviting as well! I’m always looking for a substitute for our family’s favorite Sweet Baby Rays!

  177. We need new hampers. Ours have broken handles and are sharp on the edges. I always need snacks for the kids, fruit, instant coffee for me 🙂 The kids have been begging for an ice cream party, so I will pick up some of those on sale!

  178. I love Aldi for their cheap organic produce — best prices I’ve found anywhere! I also love treating myself to their delicious German chocolate!

  179. This week at Aldi, I’ll be picking up cucumbers. The ice cream sundae cones look tempting too!

  180. I would like to try some Aldi’s dairy products and get more fresh summer fruit.

  181. I love the great prices on produce at Aldi, and I am thrilled with the quality. I have also purchased the Aldi-brand equivalent of Kashi Go Lean and like it.

  182. I love that it is a get in and get out store! We love their almond milk, vegetable chips, organic bananas, and their ice cream.

  183. We recently moved back to an area that had an Aldi’s and I am LOVING the produce prices. Fresh pineapples for 99¢ – they are at least $3.50 anywhere else!!

  184. I love their variety and prices

  185. My daughter loves fresh pineapple. My local A&P doesn’t core or slice them. I would love to get the Crofton
    Pineapple Slicer deal this week.

  186. I love Aldi because of the great bargains on produce and bakery products. I also love the amount of groceries I come out of the store with for less than half the price of other leading supermarkets, Plus, the brands they carry are just as good and sometimes even better.

  187. We need a few supplies for our camper and the Easy Home
    Folding Step Stool is on our Aldi’s shopping list.

  188. We always grab Blueberries this time of year to make jam because they are so cheap, and my husband loves their BBQ Baked Chips… so much less than the name brand and they taste better to us.

  189. I have never been to Aldi because it is about 45 minutes from my home, but I think it may be worth the drive if I am stocking up!

  190. I get the basics at Aldi. Love the fruit that they have. I would get bananas and apples!

  191. I love the watermelon and sweet corn deal 🙂

  192. I haven’t shopped at Aldi for a long time so it would be great to go back for a new look and educate myself on what the store now has to offer.

  193. We would love to have an aloe vera plant and the digital glass kitchen scale. Thanks!

  194. I love the low prices and convenient locations, at least where I live. I also like that there are no loose carts in their parking lot.

    • I love how close Aldi is to my home, how the store is small while being large enough to have the most important items and I love , love, love their products!!!

  195. I love buying hummus and cheese at Aldi but I could really use some of the carrots and corn from there this week! They have a wildberry sorbet bar that is out of this world!

  196. The grass fed beef is a great deal this week.

  197. I would have to pick up some butter, garlic and bananas for sure.

  198. […] you are here, don’t forget to enter our two ALDI giveaways. You can enter to win $50 in ALDI gift certificates, so that you can go on a shopping spree at […]

  199. The Crofton Meals on the Run container. I know this is a weird one to put on the list, however I just started eating clean again this week and have begun to pack lunches. I have been doing so many more dishes and this would help me out so much!

  200. I would love to get the Fit & Active Pretzel Bread Stuffed Sandwiches, Fit & Active Nonfat Yogurt and the Fit & Active
    Drizzled Multigrain Crisps ..I have been eating healthier and would love to try these out 🙂

  201. We just got an aldis last year and I love it..I find some really great deals and they have these stuffed chicken breast thingys for $1.00 I buy them all the time.

  202. Live Aldi’s! This week I want to pick up some steaks for hand grill and also baking supplies… I have cinnamon rolls to make!

  203. I discovered Aldi not long ago, and I love it! This week, I’ll definitely be buying a Crofton
    Digital Glass Surface Kitchen Scale. I’ve been needing one!

  204. I love that Aldi has great deals on grape tomatoes this week. I love those things in salad, but they can get to be expensive. Love that they are organic too!

  205. The things I like getting most at Aldi are snacks and food for my kids school lunches. They have the best price hands down on chips and most fresh fruits for their lunches!

  206. Would love to try the SimplyNatural Applesauce Cups and the Sweet Additions Stevia

  207. I would like to get the organic baby carrots for 99 cents.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  208. Would definitely have to be the 99 cent veggies! Can’t go wrong with that! They look delicious!

  209. Aldi has the best prices for dairy products. I love to buy eggs, cheese, and milk there!

  210. I’d get the crofton pineapple slicer for 3.99!

  211. The things I like getting most at Aldi are produce sales. This week grapes and Bananas.

  212. I love Aldi produce sales and every day low prices. Also the ad specials and meats.

  213. The sale items Id buy are the corn on the cab, Snyders pretzels and the moo tube yogurt for back to school lunches.

  214. I love the prices and selection. I always stock up on snacks and canned goods when I go. I wish there was a closer location.

  215. This week I would get produce, especially blueberries, of course milk like always, bread and peanut butter!

  216. I love that Aldi not only has great prices,but also that its quick in and out especially with the kids in tow!

  217. We love Aldi’s. With 3 kids and 1 income, we are regulars at Aldi’s!

  218. I’d like to get the deal on the Crofton Food Chopper for $9.99.

  219. The deals I think we would get are the Sorbet and Greek Frozen Yogurt Swirl Cups and the Baked Cheddar Penguin Crackers.

  220. I love that you can get quality products from Aldi without spending a ton of money. I also like that they’ll randomly get German products in. It’s fun trying new things.

  221. I didn’t know Aldi had veggie straws! Definitely picking some up on my next trip. I’d love to win!

  222. Would have to say that there is a $4.99 showerhead and 99 cent per pound grapes

  223. Would have to say that it would be that Aldi’s has low prices and deals that often local surrounding stores cannot beat.

  224. We would love to buy peaches, nectarines, plums, and navel oranges this week. They have a lot of great deals.

  225. I love their low prices. They have such good deals. They also have everything in stock when we go there.

  226. We love fruit in our house so we would like to get a deal on some strawberries or cherries.

  227. We went for the fruit deals this week Bananas are a great price

  228. […] you are here, don’t forget to enter our ALDI giveaway or this ALDI […]

  229. […] you are here, don’t forget to enter our two ALDI giveaways. You can enter to win $50 in ALDI gift certificates, so that you can go on a shopping spree at […]

  230. Going to get those chicken breasts for 1.99 a pound!

  231. We do a lot of grilling in the summer, so the Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breasts would be a good choice for my shopping list.

  232. We just stocked up on Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Mega Meat Pizzas. They’re as good as or better than frozen pizzas that cost two or three dollars more.

  233. I like getting their produce.

  234. I would get the navel oranges for $2.49 for 3 lb. $1.58 for 2 lb of grapes and 33 cents a lb for bananas.

  235. I shop at our local Aldi often. I love their prices on their vegetables fruit and milk.

  236. We would like the Lunch Mate Family Size Oven Roasted Turkey Breast.

  237. We love Aldi’s and shop there weekly.
    I would purchase some of the Portion Pack Baked Cheddar Penguin Crackers and Happy Farms Snacking Cheese for after school snacks.


  238. I love that Aldi’s always such a great variety of fresh produce and their own brand of several items that we purchase weekly.


  239. My go-to meal that my entire family loves is from Aldi…. Stuffed chicken (frozen aisle), they are half the price of my other local.stores and they have broccoli cheese, Kiev and cordon blue.

  240. I love their gluten free items! Great prices!

  241. I like Aldi’s deals on baking supplies because I can stock up and save on supplies for baking with the family. And, I love their chocolate yogurt

  242. I’d like to stock up on Belmont
    Brownie Moose Tracks

  243. I will stock up on the lunch buddies applesauce cups for the kids lunches.

  244. I love to shop at Aldi’s as they have the best buys around town!

  245. The peaches, plums and nectarines all look so good and the prices are great. So we would go for a big fruit salad on a hot summer day.

  246. I just found out recently that the same company owns Aldis and Trader Joe’s. And I love Trader Joe’s so I can only think I’d also like Aldis.

  247. I love their lower prices. I am glad they keep overhead low so the food prices are low too.

  248. red and green grapes for 99 cents a pound

  249. Now that school is starting I will be stocking up on peAnut delight peanut butter, unchanged oven roasted turkey breast and black forest fruit snacks.

  250. Wow. I am going to have to make a trip there. Their prices are excellent. I would stop and grab some canteloupe. I also like their portable lap desk. That would get a lot of use with me.

  251. I will definitely be taking advantage of the produce sales! Red grapes, peaches, plums and bananas. I will also pick up some of the Fit & Active light string cheese. I love the Fit & Active products and the prices are great!

  252. I love shopping at Aldi! The Hormel Always Tender St. Louis Spare Ribs for $2.49 a pound sounds like a great deal this week!

  253. The Aldi’s I shop at is always neat and clean. They have wonderful produce and as I mentioned above the Fit & Active products are so good and the prices are great! I also love they they have neat gadgets and stuff, I have picked up a unique gift or two for friends there.

  254. I love Aldi’s but they are a 20 min drive from my house. So when I go I stock up. My stock up item is taco seasoning. Really I got at least ten packs at a time. Much cheaper than anywhere else. I also like going there for bad reason too. All the sugary cereals and snacks. Great stop before a road trip.

  255. I would like to take advantage of the 99cent eggs & bread…such a great deal in there ad papers!!!

  256. I take advantage of the Italian bread every week

  257. My family would love to try the Watermelon, grape Tomatoes, blackberries and the organic baby carrots.

  258. The 89 cent grapes!

  259. I’d like to to try the 89 cent grapes in this week’s circular. They look delicious!

  260. I love Aldi, they always have great prices. The deal I’m most likely to take advantage of this week is the 39 cent peaches!

  261. The deals they have for blueberry and strawberry are the best. Berries go great in the summer and they taste good too.

  262. My family will really love the Bakers Treat Mini Muffins. They are great for a quick snack or even a quick breakfast.

  263. I would like to get the writing utensils and the boulder lunch bags.

  264. I like Adli because they have fantastic deals They are the stockup store!

  265. There are some great deals this week at Aldi’s. How about those baby carrots for 69 cents? Mini bagels are always a favorite here and on sale this week for $1.79. Maybe I’ll get some frosted sugar cookies too!

  266. My girls would love the Baker’s Treat Mini Muffins as an afternoon snack. Thank you!

  267. I’ve only shopped there once but will shop there again. I like all the deals that they have on fruit. It’s so expensive so it’s nice to find deals on it. Thank you!

  268. I would love to get some bananas, grapes, and strawberries. I love Aldi’s fruits. They taste so good, and they always have the best prices on produce.

  269. Good luck to me!

  270. I love being able to get great food at a great price, also, Aldi is never busy so I don’t have to fight the crowds!

  271. I shop at Aldi whenever I go on vacation and I always love their selection. The store is really organized and its really convenient to find what you are looking for.

  272. I like that they also sell other non-food items. My local ALDI has good looking book bags for about $6 right now. I am going to get one for my son.

  273. I am looking forward to the deal on the macaroni and cheese, the 2.99 lunch bag, and the 6.99 book bags.

  274. My husband would love the Bone-In Beef Ribeye Steaks the paches for 99cents a pound we
    could use I would love the Cinnamon raisin bread for $1.99 and the Lunch Mate sliced meats
    would be great for lunches at 2.29 a package.

  275. We shop Aldi’s every week love the fresh veggies and their
    strawberries are the best. We like the cheese and frozen items
    we buy the cracker and chips and water there. We buy a lot
    of items at Aldis they have great things there.

  276. I love Aldi produce. always very fresh

  277. this week we would take advantage of the sales on produce. we like to stock up and save!

  278. I am looking forward to stocking up on the Reggano Pasta Sides

  279. The produce picks are great deals. I like the $0.44 per lb on bananas and the $0.99 per lb on plums deal the best.

  280. We’d like to get the Belmont Sorbet and Greek Frozen Yogurt Swirl Cups.

  281. I would get the bananas , peaches and blueberries for produce. I would also get the baby carrots. Thanks for the chance.

  282. I always buy the tortilla chips and milk. I recently got a specialty pack of salad greens and I don’t know what they use for packaging, but the lettuces stayed fresh at least twice as long as from other stores. From this ad I want to get peaches and plums at $.29 each and blueberries at $.99 a pack.

  283. I love shopping at Aldi because I can always save money. I’m somewhat picky about certain foods, but have rarely found anything that doesn’t compare well to the big brand names.

  284. I eat blueberries once a day…sometimes twice! My fave thing to get there are blueberries. What a bargain!

  285. This is what I love about Aldi: People always bring the cart back! It’s amazing what people will do to get their quarter back!

  286. My family would like to get the $.99 per pound grapes and the $.44 per pound bananas. We really enjoy their prices!

  287. I love the $1.99
    PER LB.
    Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breasts! Such a great deal and something that would be of use to my family.

  288. I have not yet shopped at Aldi but I love the deals I hear about. All my friends that shop there boast about all the great deals they get. I am definitely going to check it out!

  289. I like our Aldi’s because it is always nice and clean and here it is laiid out too be grocery shopper friendly. I also like the meat prices and the meat counter the bbutcherss are allways helpful and will do the cuts you want.

  290. I’d buy the Peanut Delight Peanut Butter for $2.99 and the Belmont Brownie Moose Tracks or Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream for $2.29.

  291. I would love to get the Easy Home Portable Lap Desk. I wonder if they have them in different colors? Will have to pop in there this week and check it out.

  292. I love their prices on eggs and milk. I personally love their taste of milk but hubby does’t. Silly man.

  293. I love to shop for produce at Aldi. Bananas are always at a great price. I also love their Oatmeal and Cranberry cookies.

  294. […] can read all about how to save money with ALDI here, and you can read about some of our favorite ALDI party foods […]

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