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When I first heard about the JORD watch, I found it difficult to believe that a wooden watch could actually be comfortable, practical and stylish at the same time, but I have since discovered how wrong my assumption was. This summer JORD is in style. JORD watches are wooden watches made of the most beautiful wood, and the result is a collection of unique watches, which will be sure to impress.

Jord wood watch

For his birthday, our oldest son picked out the beautiful Sully JORD Watch in Natural Green, and it is just perfect for our nature-loving tween. It is a watch that he is proud to show off, and he feels as if he has graduated into the world of guys now that the kiddy watch has been passed on.

The JORD Wood Watches are made from many different kinds of woods from around the world including bamboo, maple, sandlewood, blackwood, cherry, and teak.

wooden watch from JORD

If you are looking for a unique watch for the guy in your life, JORD watches are definitely a great gift idea. Jord watches are made with high-quality craftsmanship, and it is actually possible to adjust the wristband. The watches come in a standard size wristband – one size fits all – but the individual links can be added or removed by using a small screwdriver, and we had to do this for our son’s watch, as he is still a skinny tween.

Jord watch wooden wrist band

The wristband has a stainless steel closing, which is simple and easy to open and close with one hand. All of the products are made of 100 percent natural wood, and no toxic chemicals have been used to treat or protect the wood.

Jord watch

The wood watches from JORD come in a beautiful gift box, and they can be bought in many different styles and colors.

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JORD Watches is a part of our Summer Fun, Summer Smart event here at Frugality Is Free, because JORD watches offer a unique close-to-nature alternative to regular watches.


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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary JORD watch for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with our wooden watch from JORD.

  109 Responses to “Wooden JORD Watch Review & Giveaway”

  1. Wow these are so unique. I think my husband would look really sharp in the 746 SERIES Cherry & Black. I love being able to see the mechanics of the watch so super nice!

  2. I really like the Sully two tone watch in Cherry & Maple, it really catches my eye.

  3. I like the Jord Delmar Watch in black. This would be for my son on his birthday.

  4. love the cherry and black 746 series watch. my husband browsed thru the watches and kept returning to that one.

  5. I love the Sully in maple.

  6. The sully is beautiful!

  7. I love the Jord 746 SERIES Black & Maple watch. My son has been wanting one of these, so if I win, I will be giving him the watch.

  8. I like the Eli series watch because it would look great and looks like if would work well.

  9. i like the 746 watch in black ! its so nice and i know my husband would like it !:) really want one of these…

  10. I would love the Ely in Maple for my sons21 birthday

  11. Wow these are really beautiful! I would love to win an Ely in the Cherry finish!

  12. I like the Delmar watch for my hubby.

  13. I also really like the Fieldcrest in Natural green. these watches are heirloom quality.

  14. 746 SERIES Cherry & Black! So beautiful!

    alholm.co at gmail dot com

  15. I like the 746 watch in black

  16. I like many of their styles. One that I like a lot is the ELY SERIES Black watch. I like it dark and has calendar too!

  17. I love the Sully Black and Maple

  18. Another watch I really like besides the one you reviewed is the 746 SERIES Black & Maple.

  19. I really like the Ely style, but can’t decide between the Cherry finish or the Natural Green and Maple. I never dreamed they could make a wooden watch!

  20. I would love to win the #746 Cherry and Black watch. It is both unusual and very masculine. My youngest son is very outgoing and would love showing this one off to all his customers at work.

  21. I love the Delmar in Blue

  22. I like the Jord Delmar wooden watch.

  23. I think the Limited Edition 746 SERIES in Black is stunning.My fiance’ would LOVE to own one of those!

  24. This watch looks awesome! Would go great with so many things!

  25. My boyfriend loves interesting watches, and I think he’d really love the Ely series, especially in black. Would love to surprise him with it!

  26. I like the Ely in cherry.

  27. I would like to get my husband the Black Fieldcrest JORD watch. I like the warm tones of their watches and that they are a conversation piece

  28. Sully in maple

  29. I like the Sully watch in cherry and maple. These watches are so unique and I’d love to have one!

  30. I always loved the Delmar ones!

  31. I like the Sully in Cherry and Maple. I have another wood watch, and think they are absolutely amazing.

  32. I really love the Delmar in Red.

  33. the del mar red Is my favorite ..

  34. 746 series black and maple! love!

  35. i love the delmar blue watch

  36. sully in maple

  37. My favorite is the Delmar Watch

  38. tough choice but going with the ely in cherry that is my favorite

  39. I like the 746 series in black.

  40. I love the Delmar Watch, but I also LOVE the Ely in Cherry Wood 🙂 Pick me please 🙂

  41. I like the Ely! Very beautiful watches!

  42. I would love the Ely, every watch that they are offering seems beautiful though! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  43. I like the FIELDCREST SERIES Black. The watches are nice and unique. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. All their watches are really nice.I think that if I had to choose it would be the Delmar Blue.

  45. I’d love the Ely in Maple!

  46. I am definitely most excited about the Ely in maple. I like the color, that it’s a light colored watch, and that it’s petite and small for my wrist.

  47. I like the jord watch 746 SERIES Black. I like the feature of scratch proof glass face. I think my husband would love this watch too.

  48. These are some neat watches! I like the Sully two tone watch in Cherry & Maple, but there are so many neat choices it’s hard to pick just one 🙂

  49. The Ely in cherry is my absolute favorite! So pretty– I’ve been eying it for a while, for sure.

  50. I like the Delmar line of watches.

  51. I think the Sully is pretty nice with two different color woods.

  52. I like the Ely in Cherry! It’s so pretty! I’m allergic to the metal used in most watches so this would be awesome! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  53. I really love the cherry and black 746 series watch!

  54. I would love to have the Jord Ely Watch in Black. The Ely series seems best suited for my wrist because of the small face.

  55. I like the Ely natural green and maple watch.

  56. I would love to have the Ely Series Maple!

  57. I like the “Sully” in the natural green. All of the watches are so beautifully made and unique.

  58. I like the 746 SERIES Black

  59. I like the red Delmar watch best–I like the square face and the color against the natural color of the wood.

  60. I like the Blue Delmar watch for my husband. Thanks!

  61. I love the Ely in the cherry finish. It would be a great anniversary gift to myself!!

  62. I like the 94A SERIES Natural Green & Maple watch.

  63. I like the 746 series in black & maple. They would make a great gift. Thank you.

  64. I like the Ely style in any shade.

  65. I really like the 746 SERIES in Black! It is very stylish. My grandson is growing into a fine young man and
    I think he would really appreciate a grown up watch like this.

  66. My very favorite #JordWatch is the Ely Series Watch in the Cherry Color. I think it is the prettiest of all the Jord Watches. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway.

  67. My favorite is the ELY SERIES Maple. It would look great with everything and I wear a watch everyday.

  68. I like the Jord Delmar Watch in black

  69. Ely!

  70. I like the Sully Watch in the earthtone Green colors. That one looks like it would match a lot of stuff I wear.

  71. The 746 Series in black is probably the most unusual watch I’ve ever seen. It would look perfect on my husband and he would really appreciate the quality and workmanship in this watch.

  72. I love Sully in Maple. These are just all so unique. My boyfriend would love this. It is as original as he is!

  73. i am a huge fan of the sully in maple or the 746.

  74. I really like the Ely design in black, but I’m torn because I also like the big size of the Fieldcrest in black. They’re all awesome!

  75. sixteen words to describe a watch, okay, here we go: I really like the combination of colors on the 746 SERIES Black & Maple from JORD.

  76. I think the Sully. I can’t decide if I’d keep this for myself (selfish, but I really really love these) or give it to my guy. So, I’m thinking we could share the Sully — a boyfriend watch for me (literally) and a fun semi-casual watch for him.

  77. I really like the 746 series in black. These look really sharp.

  78. I really like this black and cherry one.http://www.woodwatches.com/series/746#16. Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. I have been wanting one of these….?

  80. My favorite is the Sully in maple.

  81. I visited the Jord watch website and really like the 746 SERIES Cherry & Black watch. I like that they are made of wood from all over the world.

  82. I have never seen these watches but they look amazing!!! I like the Sully JORD Watch in your post, but love the black and maple one #746

  83. I love the black 746 watch

  84. I like the Ely in Maple.

  85. As I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and even though Albert Pujols is no longer playing for them, I’d still love the Limited Edition Pujols Family Foundation timepiece.

  86. I like the original natural look of these watches. I like the Delmar red series and the maple and black series.

  87. I love the sully in red

  88. I also love the ELY watch in Cherry.


  89. i like the ely cherry, it’s a good size and great color and like having the date.

  90. I like the Ely.

  91. I really like the I love the 94A maple and natural green colors

  92. I would choose the 746 in black or the Ely in cherry. Both are so great looking.

  93. WOW! This was my first experience with these type of watches. They are absolutely beautiful. My favorite would have to be the Ely maple watch. It is a light everyday watch and the glass face is scratch resistance.

  94. I love the Sully in Cherry and Maple. My daughter has the Ely in Maple and she gets compliments all the time on it.

  95. I really like the Ely in Maple. It would go well with numerous outfits.

  96. I like the Jord Delmar Watch in black.

  97. It is so hard to choose as I love them all. I think though if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Delmar in Red. It is so unique and I love the color.

  98. The 746 SERIES Cherry & Black is awesome.

  99. The Delmar in blue is perfect

  100. I would really love to own the 746 Series Black & Maple because it is a very sharp looking watch.

  101. my favorite is the Jord 746 SERIES Black & Maple

  102. My husband would like the Sully two tone watch in Cherry & Maple. I think it will suit his style 🙂

  103. May favorite is the Sully in Cherry & Maple. I also like the Ely.

  104. My son would love The Sulley in maple..

  105. I would love to get the FIELDCREST SERIES in Maple. It is very beautiful and definitely timeless!

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