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Our four-year-old son is headed for kindergarten in August, and he is very excited about it. He already knows all of the kindergarten sight words and more, and he can sound out words and read simple books in the easy category. So, this summer we will continue working on his reading skills, but we are especially focused on math. This little guy is like a sponge, when it comes to learning, but learning is always easier when it is fun. This is why, we wanted to try out the Math Robot from The Learning Journey.

Learning Journey Math Robot

Let’s face it, robot plus math, well that’s the perfect equation for fun learning for little kids. The Learning Journey Math Robot sounded like a fun learning tool, but let me just say it – I’m impressed. The Learning Journey Math Robot has everything that I was hoping it would have and more.

This Math Robot helps our son practice some of the most important math skills that he needs for his first year in kindergarten. The find it category and the learn numbers and signs category teach the basics numbers as well as the plus, minus and equal signs, but these categories also goes further and ask the child what number comes before or after another number.

The calculate feature lets the child chose the math problem, and then the Math Bot answers the question. Finally the Let’s Learn Addition and Subtraction category asks about simple math problems , and it will help the child learn addition and subtraction facts with a sum up to 20.


Math Robot


See the outline below of the different Math Robot Features:


Let’s Play Find It:

  • Count the dots, and press the correct number.
  • What number is shown, click the correct number.
  • Find the minus, plus or equal sign
  • What number comes before the number X?
  • What  number comes after the number x?


Let’s Play Calculate:

  • The child is asked to press a number, then to plus the plus or minus sign, to press another number, and then finally the child is asked to press the equal sign. The math robot then gives the correct answer.


Let’s Learn The Numbers and Signs:

  • Whatever number the child presses, the Math robot will say “This is the number 10” and show it on the screen.


Let’s Learn Addition and Subtraction:

  • The math bot will give simple math problems such as addition and subtraction fact with a sum up to 20+.


Check out our Sawyer’s Math Robot video:

You get three chances to answer correctly, if you don’t answer correctly, it will then go on to the next question. The math bot will ask a question a total of three times, and if you don’t answer any of the three times within a certain amount of time, it will then go into “sleep mode”, where you can turn it on again simply by touching a button.

I was afraid that the Math Robot was too easy for our son, which is why we were positively surprised that it helps practice math facts with a sum of up to 20. Another feature that we really think is great is the “find the number before” and the “find the number after feature”, as this feature takes basic math a step further.

The Math Robot is such a great teaching tool, and if your toddler, preschool or kindergarten child is struggling with the basics of math, or if you just want to help make learning math fun, then the Math Robot from The Learning Journey is for you.

We were not sure of what to expect from this Math Robot, but even Frugality Is Free dad, who has taught math from kindergarten and up is impressed. The Learning Journey Math Robot really helps make learning math fun, and it is a great way to help your child practice his numbers, his counting skills, as well as the very important subtraction and addition facts.


The Math Bot has two volume modes, and it can easily be turned off or on by a toddler or preschooler’s little hands. I was ready to run out and get batteries for our son’s new math robot, but once again Learning Journey made and impression, as the math robot came with batteries included. The math robot uses 3 x AA batteries, but this is certainly one toy that I won’t mind refilling with new batteries, as it is a brilliant learning tool.

Why We Love The Learning Journey Math Robot:

  • The math robot makes learning fun
  • The math robot teaches simple math, but it also poses more challenging problems.
  • The math robot only uses 3 x AA batteries, and they are included.
  • The math robot makes funny faces and encourages.


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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Learning Journey Math Robot for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with Learning Journey Math Bot and other Learning Journey products.

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  2. i think i need this. i am awful at math!!! haha, i will tell my sister about this though.

  3. This looks SO awesome! My son is all about numbers and counting right now. He’s always asking me a math problems… this would be so perfect for him! I’ll definitely have to check it out. Great review!

  4. what a great way to start learning numbers and signs. i think interactive games are the best way for kids to learn.

  5. I love the interaction the toy makes with the child. So neat! It has a lot of information and I am impressed too. This would be great for teaching.

  6. This is a very good idea to get children interested in math!

  7. I love that it give them three chances to get the correct number. Such a neat learning toy for math.

  8. What a reinforcing learning toy! I could have used this in my classroom back when I taught kindergarten/first grade!

  9. I had something similar to this while growing up. It was a robot and I remember playing with it a lot!

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