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Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Summer in the Frugality Is Free family means lot of fun, adventure, morning trips to the beach, lazy afternoons by the pool and more, but it also means freedom to learn and explore topics in depth that there were no time to study for during the busy school year. It also means catching up on subjects that the school went over too quickly, because the focus was on teaching for the tests on which their funding depends.

One topic that is severely neglected in the public school classroom is geography, which is why we are dedicating part of our summer vacation to studying the world around us. This year we have a new tool in our home library. The fourth edition of the National Geographic Kids World Atlas from 2013 has all the latest updates to the maps, and it is a beautiful hardcover atlas for kids that will bring lots of hours of study for those with curious minds.

National Geographic Kids World Atlas

Our three sons have an ingrained curiosity,  which we try to foster and encourage in every way possible, and this means providing them with a steady supply of books. It is not easy to do so on a frugal budget, but it is possible. For ever birthday and Christmas our kids get their very own book box. Each book box is filled with books tailored to their interests. We shop thrift stores, library book sales, online used book stores and such for books to fill the book boxes, but we also make sure that each child get at least one  special new book for their birthday or Christmas. Quite often the kids’ wish lists include books from National Geographic, and this year our oldest son had the National Geographic World Atlas for Kids at the top of his list.


National Geographic Kids World Atlas


The kids world atlas from National Geographic  contains much more than just maps of the world, and it starts out with an in-depth explanation of how to read a map. The explanation includes everything from the using the scales of a map to latitude and longitude. The various symbols of the maps are also explained, and there is an explanation of the various kinds of maps as well. As a mom, I love this part of the atlas, because not only does this “understanding maps” section help the kids understand the National Geographic World Atlas for Kids, but it also helps them get a basis for studying any kind of map, and this basic knowledge will help them in school from elementary to college.

Another great section in the National Geographic World Atlas for Kids is the physical world section, which even explains how the world climate works including factors that influence the world’s climate. This kid atlas even goes a step further, when  it explains about the environmental hot spots around the world.

In the National Geographic World Atlas for Kids each region of the world has their own map, as well as a 2+ page description of that region or country.


The text features are simplified, which makes it easier for kids to read, and the main text in the atlas is large enough for younger kids to read. Our four-year-old son loves the vivid images, and it is clear that the images catches his attention. Our eight-year-old son has no problems with reading the text,and he is taking advantage of the glossary section in the back of the atlas. Our middle son has great aspirations of becoming a shark scientist, and so he is especially fascinated by the section on the oceans in the back of the book.


National Geographic Kids World Atlas


Our 11-yera-old son, who originally wished for the National Geographic World Atlas for Kids, cannot put it down. This boy is a walking encyclopedia, and yes he has actually read the kids’ encyclopedias from beginning to end. He has greatly benefitted from the introductory section that explains how to read the atlas, and he can spend hours in the backyard reading and studying the maps.


National Geographic Kids app


The back of the book section contains quizzes for the kids, and as an extra bonus you can now get free digital extras with the National Geographic Kids Scanner App for your smartphone. With the free NG Kids Scanner App, you can get free video, games, quizzes, photo galleries and more, and it is a great companion app to the National Geographic books and magazines.


The National Geographic World Atlas for Kids is a fantastic book full of a world of knowledge, and it is the perfect gift for any curious kid. It is great reading for any road trip, and it is a great way to keep kids sharp and ready for the new school year in August. You can find much more fun for the kids at the National Geographic Kids website.


Summer Fun, Summer Smart

National Geographic  is a part of our Summer Fun, Summer Smart event here at Frugality Is Free, because National Geographic for Kids supply us with lots of fun books full of knowledge about the topics our kids cannot get enough off.

Find all of the Summer Fun, Summer Smart giveaways by clicking the image below.


Summer Fun Summer Smart Review & Giveaway Event

 Buy The National Geographic Kids World Atlas

You can buy the National Geographic World Atlas for Kids for only $24.99 at the National Geographic website or on Amazon.

For a limited time only get 20 percent off, when you buy 3+ National Geographic Kids books.

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Win The National Geographic Kids World Atlas

One lucky Frugality Is Free reader is going to win a hardcover National Geographic World Atlas For Kids

as a part of the Summer Fun, Summer Smart Review and Giveaway Event.

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This giveaway will end Monday July 7th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary review copy of the National Geographic World Atlas for Kids for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with National Geographic and the World Atlas for Kids.

  72 Responses to “National Geographic Kids World Atlas Review & Giveaway”

  1. My son would really enjoy the Wild Animal Atlas too!

  2. “That’s Gross!” would definitely keep my boys entertained this summer!

  3. Two of my granddaughters are home schooled and they both would love to have this as they are forever talking about other countries and things like food, language from that country, I think they would like National Geographic Student Atlas of the World, 3rd Edition – Hardcover

  4. I like the games ” Dolphin Diving was fun, kids were bettr than me at it, I also love the pictures that kids posted,

  5. I think definitely the Ultimate Weird But True Kids’ Book Set is what would keep my nephew entertained this summer! 🙂

  6. I think my nephew would love the Remote-control Machines Kit. He loves remote controlled things and he is smart as well. I think this would be a good combo for him. 🙂

  7. Mine would love the Space Encyclopedia.

  8. Mine would love anything with animals but Everything Big Cats would be a good one. They love the “kittys” at the zoo (:

  9. We love National Geographic books at our house, and have several of them. I think the Space Atlas one might be the next one we add. I know that Elliott would certainly enjoy it! Although I do like the way the World Atlas looks as well.

  10. I think Elliott would like the game Monkey Gymnastics on the website. I might have him check out the website tomorrow when he has his computer time.

  11. The Kids National Park Guide would be great. We do a lot of travelling and always try to focus on going to national parks each summer.

  12. Visited the site and a book my children would really enjoy is National Geographic Bee Ultimate Fact Book: Countries A to Z because they love learning facts.

  13. My kids would like National Geographic Beginner’s United States Atlas

  14. My sons would love “That’s Gross” they are 7 an love everything gross.

  15. The natiional geographic ultimate weird but true would keep jake entertained this summer.

  16. I think they would love the book of 5,000 Facts. At least two of them would.. LOL. I have two who are real bookhounds and love learning.

  17. oH ! oh ! the Snap Circuits lights! Oh my. How I want this. One little kid close to me IS going to get this. Anything like this I get for the kids, their mother always says. Wow how do you KNOW what they like? LOL Kids just love anything crafty or buildy- anything that they can learn and manipulate…. way way more than a mere”toy”. LOL I just know this and so my gifts are THE most popular ones. I love this one. Talk about sparking interests and learning!

  18. I think the 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything book would be a big hit. I loved books like this when I was a kid, still love them now.

  19. My son would love the book “5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything”.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  20. My child is an adult…and I am actually entering to donate to a children’s charity.

  21. My daughter would love to read National Geographic Readers Storms! book

  22. My daughter would like the Laser Khet 2.0 Game

  23. I like the National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry.

  24. I also really like the Ultimate Weird But True Kids’ Book Set for my son. He would love all of these books. These would be perfect to pick up for summer reading.

  25. My daughter would absolutely love the Ponies edition! She loves ponies and horses and this edition looks very cute.

  26. My daughter would love the Tumbling Robot toy. She’s currently obsessed with robots. She has watched “Wall-E” about a thousand times in the last three weeks!

  27. I think my two sons would love to read hubble- imaging space and time as they are more interested in the stars in the summertime.

  28. The book that I think my daughter would enjoy from the National Geographic Book Store is the National Geographic Weird but True book. My daughter enjoys reading about fun facts.

  29. My kids would love so many of these books! They’d have fun with the Cool Animals Sticker Activity Book and the 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything!

  30. Thanks for sharing such a fun site! My son would have fun playing Elephant Weight Lifting and all of the pictures are amazing.

  31. i think they would most enjoy the How to Survive Anything because they would find it intriguing, as would i.

  32. My kids would love the kids almanac, thanks for the chance

  33. […] National Geographic Kids World Atlas Giveaway – 7/7 […]

  34. National Geographic Reader Planes would be my choice. My husband is a pilot so I know he would absolutely love this for our kids.

  35. Angry Birds would be our choice. We love to watch birds, whether from home at the feeder, in the park, or on walks.

  36. I think that the 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything book would definitely keep my boys entertained throughout the summer since they are always interested in knowing about anything and everything!

  37. My kids would love the Kids Interactive Intelliglobe because they have been really interested in exploring and learning about other countries! I think this globe would be really interesting and fun for my kids to learn with!

  38. My nephew is very interested in geography so I thing the National Geographic Bee Ultimate Fact Book: Countries A to Z would be interesting to him.

  39. I think my nephew would enjoy playing THE ULTIMATE U.S. ROAD TRIP GAME

  40. The kids would love the National Geographic Bird Watcher’s Bible. We live near a bird Sanctuary so we have several different species in our area. This book would help identify them.

  41. My daughter would also love the National Geographic Pet’s Eye View Camera.

  42. I believe “That’s Gross!” would do the trick for my soon-to-be-8 godson.

  43. I think my godson would enjoy answering the polls and seeing how he compares to other kids.

  44. I think the ultimate weird but true sounds very interesting. They have so many great books that would be neat to own for sure!!

  45. They have so many topics that would be wonderful for kids. I have 3 nephews boys who would love the dogs, and the different facts about the lions and so much more. My 3 year old grandson would love the pictures and would be interested in the animals!!

  46. The book I would choose is the Ultimate Weird But True Kids’ Book Set. My son really enjoys this type of book.

  47. My daughter would definitely like the ‘That’s Gross’ book. The pet’s eye view camera is pretty neat too.

  48. They would like National Geographic Kids Almanac 2013 – Softcover, 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything or That’s Gross.

  49. They would like to play BEAVER BADMINTON

  50. The ultimate weird but true book would definitely keep my children entertained this summer. They love weird facts.

  51. I like the Ultimate Weird But True, I am sure there are some things in there i didn’t even know.

  52. I love the awesome facts about everything book!

  53. Since we have a cat, I think the book that would be most interesting to my kids would be “Big Cats”.

  54. 5,000 awesome facts

  55. The national parks book, we are planning on visiting mt Rainer soon

  56. Kiddo would love “Angry Birds” and “Alien Deep”!

  57. they would love the coloring pages!

  58. Sometimes in summer reading isn’t as ‘exciting’ as playing outside, but I think the Ultimate Weird But True Kids’ Book Set would be entertaining- almost as fun as playing outside! 🙂

  59. I love the Ultimate Weird But True Kids’ Book Set

  60. My daughter would love 5000 Awesome Facts — she’s a total trivia head!

  61. The National Geographic Space Rncyclopedia…..An all in one ultimate reference book about Space…. that would be popular around our house….. fingers crossed

  62. So many good possibilities to choose from, but the National Geographic Kids Big Book of Fun would be a great starting point!

  63. The 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything book looks like a fun one, bet my nephew would like it.

  64. I have to say my 7 year old grandson would love the national parks guide USA, I took him to mount rushmore and now he loves national parks and want to be a park ranger!

  65. The Ultimate Weird But True Kids’ Book Set would keep my kids occupied.

  66. National Geographic’s “Our Fifty States” is a great book for kids to look through and learn things about their own state and others. I think it would be fun for the parents to enjoy too.

  67. My kids would enjoy National Geographic Kids Almanac 2014 and Ultimate Weird But True Kids’ Book Set.

  68. My daughter would like the Ultimate Weird But True book.

  69. I really like the Space Encyclopedia I think that would be a huge hit with my 8 year old

  70. My boys would both love the Everything Mythology National Geographic book! They enjoy the Percy Jackson books which have given them some understanding of Greek gods and goddesses and this book would further increase their knowledge.

  71. My nieces love trivia and would really enjoy reading the National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz 3.

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