Jun 252014

Target coupon deals

It sure is hot today here in South Florida, and I think we should have been at the pool or the beach instead of shopping. Still, we cannot be in the water every day, the fridge needs to be filled as well. So, with four kids in tow, I headed for Target.

Before we headed in to do our shopping I stopped at customer service to ask a question on how to use the e gift card I had earned at Recyclebank. While I was there I spotted the Sweet Summer Savings Target coupon booklet, and I picked up a couple of booklet with perfect timing as chicken was on sale, and the booklets have a Target chicken coupon.

If you want to get in on the Nutrigrain 16 count deal, I want to let you know that ours were not located with the regular 8 count packs, but they were further down the aisle.


Target Nutrigrain sale

They did have the 2 for $5 sales on them though, and so the manager adjusted the price. You can get the $1.50 Nutrigrain coupon at the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program. Use the points below to add some extra points to yor Kellogg’s Family Rewards account. Once you order your coupon, you will receive an email in your inbox with a link to your coupon, print it once. Then click the arrow back, and print it a second time = 2 coupons for the price of 1.

  • THANKYOU100KFANS: 100 points
  • HOWITWORKS20PNTS: 20 points

Plus until 7/2 you can get triple points on all Kellogg’s cereal codes, when you enter them after 9 p.m. EST.


Our Target Deals:

2 x 56 oz Packages of Market Pantry Fresh Chicken Thighs at $6.99 = $13.98 – (2 x $3 Target Meat Discount on package and 2 x $0.50 Target Fresh Chicken coupons from the Sweet Summer Savings Target coupon booklet) = $6.98 ($2.98 each = That’s $1/lb) (You can also buy two packages and use the $1 of $5 Worth of Target meat mobile coupon when you text GRILL or THANKS to 827438)

3 x Fresh Raspberries on sale at $2 each = $6 – ($1/$5 Fresh Fruit Target mobile coupon when you text GRILL or THANKS to 827438 and 5 percent off Fresh Berries Target Cartwheel discount) = $4.75 ($1.58 each)

2 x Nutrigrain 16 count packages on sale at 2 for $5 – ($1.50/1 Nutrigrain coupon when you use Kellogg’s reward points and 20 percent off Nutrigrain Target Cartwheel discount) = $1 ($0.50 each) (Make sure to check that it is ringing up right)

Market Pantry Eggs on sale at $1.69 – ($0.50 Target egg mobile coupon when you text GRILL or THANKS to 827438)  Market Pantry Egg Target Cartwheel discount) = $1.19

Snickers Ice Cream Multi Pack at $3.29 – $1.50 Target snickers ice cream coupon NLA and $1.50/1 Snickers ice cream coupon NLA) = $0.29 (Attn: The Target coupon rings up as a $1 Target coupon, so make sure they adjust it to the right $1.50 value)

2 x Market Pantry String Cheese on sale at 2.04 each = $4.08 – ($1 Target cheese mobile coupon when you text GRILL or THANKS to 827438) and 5 Percent Off  Market Pantry Cheese Target Cartwheel discount) = $2.92 ($1.46 each)



– $0.05 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Total $15.97

–  $5 Target Gift Card from Recyclebank

Total out of pocket $10.07

Total saved $33.65

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  1. I like our small town living, but I sure wish we had some of the stores you shop at! Such great deals…maybe someday a Target will come to town.

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