Jun 242014

On a recent morning beach trip, our family had a dolphin encounter at the beach, and it was a memory that is sure to last a life time. At first glance the fin could have been a shark fin, and believe me the kids got out of the water quickly…almost as quickly as the the time, when a manatee came all the way up to them to chat…


dolphin at the beach

dolphin at the beach

The light part of the imaga above is the beach, which shows you how close to us the dolphin came.


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  12 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday Linky – A Dolphin Encounter”

  1. What a brilliant experience hope the fin didn’t frightened you too much at first heheh!

    Have a flippertastic week 😉

  2. Dolphins are so much fun to watch. I get excited whenever I see them.


  3. What a fantastic memory for them to have. I bet that it is fun to watch the dolphins.

  4. How wonderful. I race on a yacht weekly in the summer and once (In about 5 years) we had dolphins swim with us. It was amazing.

  5. Very cool! Happy WW!

  6. Oh how fun, so cool!

  7. That’s so cool! They’re such beautiful animals!

  8. What an amazing experience! One of my dream is to see them in their natural habitat =) #WW

  9. Thank goodness it was a dolphin! 🙂

  10. How neat! I love running into dolphins, etc. You never know when out in the water!

  11. That is a long dorsal fin! Do you know what kind of dolphin it was? We only ever have luck in spotting porpoises.

  12. I love these dolphins. It looks like a shark to me too! That would scare me!! Thanks for the great picture.

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