Jul 172014

$0.25 Office Depot Back To School Deals

With three long back-to-school supply lists to shop for, we’ve started early, and we are picking up all the deals. This year, Office Depot has been better at stocking up on the back-to-school deals, which means you don’t have to shop on Sundays to get the deals before they are gone.


$0.25 Office Depot Deals

3 x Scissors at $0.25 each

3 x 4 Pack Glue Sticks at $0.25 each

3 x 24 count Scholastic colors at $0.25 each


Total $2.25

Total saved $8.97


Have you taken advantage of the back-to-school deals at your local office store?



  One Response to “$0.25 Office Depot Back To School Deals”

  1. This is a great deal! I think that Staples does this as well. I think that the discount is even deeper yet if you are a teacher.

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