Jul 032014

We recently won a Zutano giveaway, but even a $75 Zutano gift card does not stretch far at Zutano.com. The first thing I did was to sign up for Zutano emails, as you get a 15 percent off Welcome code, but still it did not last long. I kept the items in my shopping cart, and then I waited either for a clearance sale or a better coupon.

I’m thrilled that I waited though, because yesterday I received an email announcing a Zutano 4th of July sale. Get 20 percent off with the 4th of July Zutano coupon code JULY20. Once I signed into our Zutano account, I discovered that we had $6.75 shopping credit from last year’s shopping trip (when we won another $75 Zutano gift card). This almost covered the shipping fee, since we did not make it to $100 free shipping threshold.

So, take a look at how I managed to stretch a $75 Zutano gift card.

Zutano dresses

Happy Day Toddler Picnic Dress $33

Elephantasia Toddler Ruffle Hem Dress $29.50

Blaue Blumen Toddler Flutter Sleeve Surplice Dress $32


Shipping $7

Total $101.50

– $6.75 Zutano Rewards

– $18.90 20 Percent Off Zutano Coupon with Zutano Coupon Code JULY20

Total $75.85

Total out of pocket $0.85

Total saved $100.92


When you win a gift card, do you try to stretch it with coupons and sales?



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  1. Yes, I even try to stretch gift cards I have won. You did a great job with this one–I know it seems like a lot to “pay” for 3 dresses in your frugal shopping world, tho 🙂 . But you stretched that $75 win to get three. These are adorable, too!

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