Jul 312014

70 percent off target toy clearance

While I am hearing reports that the 70 percent off Target toy clearance drop has happened it happened across the country, it simply isn’t the case at our local South Florida Target store. Yes, there are lots of toy clearance at 70 percent off, but there are also lots of toy clearance still at 50 percent off.  I picked up some toys at 70 percent off toy clearance last week and some today, but I did find many boy toys. I’ve had a Target gift card saved up from a giveaway win, but there’s still plenty left on it.

We might check another Target store in our area later on, if we get the time.

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70 percent off Target toy clearance Deals:

LEGO Duplo Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale on 70 percent off Target toy clearance at $10.48 (Original price $34.99)

Sofia The First Portable Princess Closet set on 70 percent off Target toy clearance at $6.58 (Original price $21.99)

Beywarriors Shogun Steel on 70 percent off Target toy clearance at $2.98 (Original price $9.99)


Tax $1.20


– $21.24 Target Gift Card from giveaway win Learn how to win Target gift cards here.

Total out of pocket $0

Total saved 49.75 + $21.24 in gift card savings


As for the grocery deals, I needed to stock up on Wheeties as the cereal is going way too fast in our house over summer vacation. The free milk and free fruit was an extra bonus, and on top of that we were able to get enough Kellogg’s codes for a $5 pop corn coupon. This coupon will come in handy for the last week of $1 movies at Regal.

Target Grocery Deals:

4 x Kellogg’s Wheeties on sale at $2.75 = $11

1 Gallon Market Pantry Milk at $4.19 – FREE Milk wyb 4 4 select Kelloggs Wheeties = FREE + $0.50 Ibotta cash back

Strawberries $2.50  and 8 x Bananas at $0.29 = $4.82 – (2 x $2 off fruit when you buy 2 Kelloggs Wheeties cereal coupons, 5 % Off Berries Target Cartwheel discount & 5% Off Bananas Target Cartwheel discount ) = 0.53

2 x Fiber One Meal Bars on clearance at $1.25 each = $2.50 – (2 x $1/1 Fiber One Meal Bars coupons from my coupon folder) =$1 ($0.50 each)

– $0.05 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.48


– $10 in Gift Cards from last week’s Target shopping trip


Total out of pocket $2.46

Total saved $25

$0.50 Ibotta cash back


You can always find the latest update on the Target toy clearance sale here or look for Target clearance, deals and coupons in the top navigation bar.


  3 Responses to “70 Percent Off Target Toy Clearance + Kelloggs Cereal Deal – Saved $95!”

  1. Oooh good to know the target toy clearance is on! I need a little girls bday gift for Saturday!

    BTW! Superpoints is back! 🙂 Didn’t know if you knew, I was signed up under you before and figured i’s pass on the word incase you weren’t aware!

    • Oh that’s so cool momma! Did you have to sign up againn? If so, do you have a referral link you can share with me?

    • The password from my old Superpoint account was somehow still stored in our computer, so even though I had to sign up again, it used the old information including the password. Anyways, I’m up and spinning again, thank you so much for letting me know that Superpoints was back up again.

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