Jul 022014

We’ve been so busy with vacation and the kids, that blogging has suffered a bit, and so we have a lot of winner announcements to deal with.

Winners of the Entertainment Book Digital Edition are: Alicia K (pixystik4u@) and Soha M (sohamxxxxx1969@)


The winner of the Steel Sand Digger from HearthSong is Jill M (jweezie43@)



The winners of the Winn-Dixie Gift Cards are: Melanie C (buttonsmom2012@) and Chrissy M (tinker111103@)


The winners of the Sesame Street Alphabet Songs DVDs are:

Priscilla B (priscillabxxx@)

Cheryl L (cherylann62996@)

Susan M (Hollywoodflmom@)

Shecki (grtlyblesd@)

Tamar (tamarsweeps@)


The winners of the Surf Sharks Book Prize Pack is: Patricia (yellow_patricia@)



Congratulations to all of the winners! You will all receive an email from us. Thank you to all of the wonderful giveaway sponsors!

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