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We’ve been on a quest for finding the best pillow here in the Frugality Is Free family, but it has certainly not been an easy task. Most often, we have been thrilled with a pillow for the first week or so, but then the excitement usually simmers off, as the fluffiness and poofiness disappears little by little.



So, when we were asked to give then Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence fiberfill a try, we were all for it. After all, we’ve had plenty of pillow-testing experience in our quest for finding the right pillow.

The Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence fiberfill, are sold exclusively at Anna’s Linens. These pillows come with a premium DACRON polyester fill with SMARTfill™ memory technology that adjusts to your preferred sleeping position while providing softness throughout the night. The pillows are hypoallergenic and machine-washable, and you can find them at an affordable price at Anna’s Linens.

We decided to give the pillows a four week trial until we would give our opinion on them, since we wanted to make sure that these new pillows kept up their fluffiness. When we first got our hands on the pillows, FIF dad pulled out one of the pillows, hugged it and declared – “This one is mine!”

Oh that first night with the Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence fiberfill started out great, as the pillows kept their fluffiness. It was truly a treat to finally have soft, comfortable pillows, which kept their poofiness throughout the entire night.

About a month later and the LC Luxury Pillows with DACRON still hold up great. The pillows are not as fluffy as on the first day, but the pillows still hold up really well, and these pillows are by far my favorite pillows. For me the big test has been, whether the LC Luxury Pillows with Dacron could give me a good sleep position, as I easily get headaches due to a 16-year-old whiplash injury. Thankfully I’ve not had any headaches for a month due to bad sleep positioning, which means that the new pillow gives me good neck support without being too hard or too soft.

The softness, support and shape of the new LC Luxury Pillows with Dacron far exceeds that of to the rest of the pillows in our bed, and although these are not the most expensive pillows that we have tried, the quality seems to be superior to any other pillows we’ve tested in our test for the right pillows. As for our quest for the best pillow, the LC Luxury Pillows are at the top of our list.




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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary LC Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence Fiberfill for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the LC Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam from Anna’s Linens.

  172 Responses to “Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence Fiberfill From Anna’s Linens Review & Giveaway”

  1. Found many things I could use and like there, one is the 17 Piece Black Cookware Set. I am in need of new pots and pans to cook for my kids

  2. I seem to buy cheap pillows that just don’t last. My kids and I both would like nice soft pillows that are comfortable for a good nights sleep and that won’t flatten out in a month

  3. There is such a great selection of items, but one item I would love to own is the Black And Decker Black 10 Speed Cyclone Blender. I just graduated from college and do not own a blender!

  4. The first thing I look for in a pillow is does the pillow support my head and neck. I get neck pain at night if the pillow is either too firm, too soft, too big or too small.

  5. Anna’s Linens has so many great items to choose from. I would also love to have the Martinque Brown Bed In A Bag.

  6. I like the Flower Drop Ivory/Blue Shower Curtain. Perfect for our new bathroom

  7. I am in the process of re-doing my bathroom and would love to have the Imperial Scroll Ringspun Cotton towels and a new Laguna Bath Rug.

  8. Id like to have the little sew hand held one stitch sewing matching and the dragon flashlight buddy. Both are listed under gifts.

  9. Ive needed new pillows for a while now but I always forget them or they are way to expensive. I like a firm pillow and my husband prefers soft.

  10. We are in desperate need for new bath towels, and their startstruck collection would look great in our bathrooms.

  11. We also like the Butterfly Pop Bed In A Bag

    • We also like the Butterfly Pop Bed In A Bag. It would be perfect to match my daughter’s new bedroom set!

  12. Would love new pillows.

  13. I really like the Bistro San Marco Framed Art! I think it would good in our dining room!

  14. I wouold probably like one of the 7 piece comforter sets since mine is in bad shape!

  15. I would like to have the Jumbo 100% Cotton Bath Towel Collection probably inpurple but might have to get more than one set, like their color selection.

  16. Its amazing how many pillows we have tried while trying to find the right one. The allergenic isn’t necessary really but the softness is the most important. Something that will cradle your head instead of being stiff and uncomfortable.

  17. I love the Palm Bed In A Bag

  18. They have some really nice items and their prices are great! I would love to have the Vista Black Grey Bed In A Bag in a Queen size for the Master Bedroom.

  19. I have a hard time finding pillows I really like.The last set we bought is nice and soft but it is time to replace them!

  20. Visited the site and another fantastic item I would love for my home is Eiffel Tower 4 Piece Comforter Set because I think it is perfect for my older sons room

  21. 3 Quart Red Chili Pot
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  22. I would like the Imperial Plush Rug in blue.

  23. I have searched for a pillow for a long time. My favorite is the foam form pillows. My husband and I both have one.

  24. Thanks for the review. I am always disappointed after a day or two of using a new pillow.

  25. I need some new dining room curtains and I think the Annabella Energy Saving Interlined Panel would go great with my décor.

  26. I have been searching many of years for the right pillow. I just bought new pillows last Christmas and they are to large. I am looking for a pillow that cradles my head but I don’t sink to the bottom.

  27. I like the Flower Drop Ivory/Blue Shower Curtain

  28. Since we are in a bad way right now, we really can use the following: Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Window Shade, 35′ x 64′, in Ivory, and 3 sets Eva Interlined Taffeta Curtains, 84″, in Eggplant.

  29. It is SO darn hard to find good pillows! I look for firmness that lasts, w/soft covering also. Nice when pillow has an allergy cover, too.

  30. I like the Rachel Tablecloth Collection Brown

  31. I would like the Startstruck Bath Towels. I love all the gorgeous colors and these look like a quality towel that will last.

  32. I haven’t been there in so long! But I did see the Dayton 3pc bedding set that I would love to have in blue!

  33. We really need to update our entire bedroom so I really love everything! I think one of my favorite items is the Tribal Dance 7 Pieces Comforter Set. Very affordable prices too!

  34. I’d like to have the Essence Grommet Kitchen Curtains in Red. They’d be great in my kitchen!

  35. I’ve been searching for the perfect pillow for decades! I want one that is thick enough and doesn’t lose its shape after washing.

  36. I like a firm pillow since I am a side sleeper. Would love to try this one out!

  37. rachel tablecloth collection

  38. I’d like the Regency Amethyst Shower Curtain for my bathroom.
    Thank you!

  39. I’d love the Eiffel Tower comforter set for my daughter.

  40. I am a tosser and turner, and like a smooshy pillow that still offers neck/back support.

  41. I like the Shuraz Red 7 Piece Comforter Set.

  42. OMG I saw so many things but the one thing that really stood out to me was the Shuraz Red 7 Piece Comforter Set!

  43. I would love a set of these nice pillows. I like the Set Of 4 Tilt Multi Colored Mixing Bowls on their site, too. Thanks for having this contest.

  44. I like the Multi Purpose Outdoor Blanket Black Plaid

  45. I would be interested in the sheet sets, quilts and bath towels. I can use some new bedding and bath items and their prices are really good.

  46. I look for a pillow that is resilient, soft and that does not aggravate allergies. I do not like a pillow that is too firm.

  47. I’d like to try the cordless light filtering window shades. I just bought a new house and am feeling exposed!

  48. Thanks for the giveaway… we like the Personalized 16oz. Mason Jars (Set of 4), located in the Dining & Kitchen section.

  49. Love the site! They have some great prices and I truly love the Briana Taupe Duvet. The color has always been my favorite…

  50. I would really love to have a lot of things but the pillows would be awesome.

  51. I like Eiffel Tower 4 Piece Comforter Set

  52. I love Anna’s Linens!! I pick up curtains, rugs and bedding from there when I’m in need.

  53. I also really like the Cumberland Autumn Leaves Jewel Rectangle Wool Area Rug. This would be a perfect addition to my sunroom.

  54. Anna’s Linens has so many great items to choose from.This is an amazing website and I will be back to purchase something soon. I would also love to have the Martinque Brown Bed In A Bag.

  55. I would love the imperial plush rug in black

  56. I like a pillow that keeps its shape and is comfy at the same time and doesn’t get to hot.

  57. I would love to try the Warming mattress pad

  58. I would like to purchase the Seven Piece Comforter Set from Anna’s Linens. It would add so much to the master bedroom in our home.

  59. For me, a pillow must be soft, light, and fluffy. The pillow should also be well constructed so that it can take a little abuse.

  60. I like the Presto Steel Pressure Cooker 8 Quart Deluxe. I could cook delicious meals in no time at all. My meats would be so tender and juicy.

  61. Their comforter sets are gorgeous! When I bought my first queen bed I purchased whatever comforter set was cheapest, just so I could have something to cover it. Now, however, I’m looking for a little more luxury. The Daughton 7 piece comforter set would look fantastic with my bedroom decor.

  62. I would love the microfill chair pads! Great price

  63. for my home i would like the Flower Drop Blue Window Panel curtains they have such awesome things!

  64. I would like the Down Alternative Comforter – Natural. I think this comforter looks nice and would be warm for the upcoming winter months.

  65. I like the safari black bed in a bag

  66. I do not search for the perfect pillow as I am someone who can sleep with any kind of pillow anywhere. My favorite pillow, however is not too full. It melds to my head. I use an old feather pillow right now….

  67. I would love to try the jumbo 100% cotton bath towels, because I love a soft towel and the look luxurious.

  68. We are in desperate need for a new set of sheets! Sheets are so expensive, especially for a king size bed, that I am always on the lookout in the clearance section for something 300 thread count or above. I always am on the lookout in Anna’s clearance for a sheet set.

  69. To me the perfect pillows are the ones in the hotels like Marriott or Hilton or even Disney! They are full and squishy, huggable yet firm. Does that make sense? LOL If I could find at an affordable price rather than an arm and a leg through the hotel sites that would be great. One day I do believe I will have to bite the bullet though…….

  70. I’d like to buy the Peetie Print Sheer Kitchen Curtain, Jumbo 100% Cotton Bath Towel Collection, Waves Foam Mat, Chrome Diamond Toilet Paper Holder, Monterey Open Stock Dinnerware Collection ( orange, yellow, slate blue), Microfiber Twill Chairpads, and the Twill Microfiber Jumbo Cord Decorative Pillow.

  71. I don’t take long looking for the right pillow. I just look for softness and there, I’ll buy it. 🙂

  72. I would like to have the Farberware High Performance 12 Piece Set Black

  73. I have been looking for the right pillow for a couple of years since my Fibro and arthritis went crazy. I like one that doesn’t go flat the minute I put my head on it, but not so firm that my head isn’t cradled.

  74. I would like to have the Supreme Sateen 800 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set in king size. you can never have too many sheets.

  75. I would love the Stafford unfinished shelf. This would look great in my bedroom with all my cute keepsakes on it.

  76. I’m always looking for a good pillow. I love a soft down pillow. I purchased several that I thought were good until I realized they weren’t.

  77. i also like their Eiffel Tower 4 Piece Comforter Set. it looks comfortable and is reminiscent of the time i spent in paris.

  78. i look for hypoallergenic filling in a pillow, as well as support for the head and neck.

  79. […] Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence Fiberfill From Anna’s Linens Giveaway – 9/1 […]

  80. Love the Rochester Purple 7 Piece Flocking Comforter Set.

  81. […] Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence Fiberfill From Anna’s Linens Giveaway – 9/1 […]

  82. I like the Butterfly Pop Bedding it’s beautiful!

  83. I’d love to get the Oneida Vertex 3 Piece Serve Set for my new house, we don’t have anything like that yet.


  84. Anna’s Linens is amazing. the pillows are my favorite.

  85. I think it would have to be….no wait, oh, okay. It would definitely be Bamboo Shoots Green Bed In A Bag since I like bamboo so much and the price for a full size set is great. I could not easily see if it was all cotton so it might be part polyester at that price.

  86. It took me awhile to know the difference between feather pillows and down. I love down pillows. I had a favorite pair until my house burnt down. I finally bought a new one, it’s a bit too firm for me. Looking to find me another smooshy down someday.

  87. I love the Tribal Dance 7 Pieces Comforter Set. We are moving into a new home soon and could really use some new bedding for our guest room.

  88. i need new pillows

  89. I can never find pillows I like. 😀

  90. My son would LOVE the Cars comforter set for when he moves up into a big boy bed! Id like the Dervish Bed in a bag set for my room too!

  91. Bakers Delight 9″x5″ Loaf Pan

    $3.99 yes for 4 dollars this is so cheap i love there site and glad i came across it i thank you for this post cause i would have not known about it

  92. I love the pillows you talked about in this post!

  93. I really like the Monday Pink Peva Shower Curtain..this would look great in our bathroom. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  94. I have a sofa in my family room that my 3 dogs tend to lie on when we are watching tv. I would love to try the furniture covers.

  95. I recently purchased pillow and I am still on the hunt for the perfect pillow. Very hard to find.

  96. My daughter is a My Little Pony fanatic (a Brony/ Pegasister of sorts). She would love the MLP bedding set! And it’s on sale for less than $25. You can’t beat that!

  97. As far as pillows go, I like a pillow of medium fluffiness. Too much height gives me a neck ache, and the same with too little. My husband is like the Princess and the Pea of pillows. He likes as many of them as he can get at maximum fluffiness!

  98. I likethe Shelby Thermal curtains. WOuld be good in both the summer and winter to help keep energy costs down and control the temperature easier.

  99. I am looking for a pillow that holds its shape and is easily cleaned. Ive had too many pillows that turn into lumpy messes within months.

  100. I could use some light filtering window shades

  101. I would love to have the Farberware High Performance 12 Piece Set Black cookware for my mom and maybe theOlivia 7 Piece Duvet Cover Set for my sister. I would love to have some new pillows.

  102. Lavish Garden 7 Piece Comforter Set

  103. manhattan bed in a bag

  104. i would love to see memory foam chair cushions, couch cushions. there selection was great and had lots of things to offer.

  105. I would love these.

  106. I would love new pillows, I sew and make new pillow cases!

  107. Thanks for introducing me to Anna’s Linens. They’ve got a lot of good things at good prices. One I could really use right now is the “Black And Decker Black Convection Oven 6 Slice” to replace my current aging toaster-convection oven.

  108. I need the pillows! lol especially if they actually support your neck. However, the Wrinkle free 650 count Sheet Set is super nice! I have a pair that I love.

  109. I would love any of her products. But I especially like the Farberware Dishwasher Safe Double Burner Griddle. I have always wanted one. And really any of the cook/bake ware as that is what I need right now.

  110. I would like to have the Manhattan Bed In A Bag comfter set. I like the colors of the comforter and I think it would make my room look very nice.

  111. Wide variety of everything is available. I saw Twin XL sheet and comforter sets which are a must for college dorms. Also a wide array of patterns for pillows and dinnerware.

  112. The pillow really needs to have neck support

  113. We have 2 pillows each. One is firm while the other is less so. This was the best arrangement for us as we both shift position during the night. This started because I read in bed and the pillow choice to read is not the same as sleeping.

  114. I do like the Imperial Cocoa Matchstick Bamboo Roll-Up blinds for my basement. Could be really nice!

  115. I like the Danger Zone Beige Room Size Rug

  116. I’m still searching. It cannot be too firm or too soft

  117. I really like the Shelburne Aqua 7 Piece Comforter Set. I like the brown and blue color combination.

  118. As a recent college grad there are so money things that I need for my apartment! I love all of your personalized glassware and also you 900 GSM Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels. So luxurious!

  119. I would love almost anything that the sponsor has from bed in a bag, curtains, bedding, bath combos, etc.

  120. I look for durability and what type of fiber/stuffing filling the pillow. Also, size and softness/hardness, price, just everything.

  121. I have a problem finding a good pillow and wake up with neck pain often. Would love to try these pillows.

  122. Chateau bed in a bag sage

  123. Lindsey,

    Have never found the right pillows, the so called micro-fiber one I have flattens and hardens and leaves pains in my neck. Always out to try great new things could use wonderful pillows. The feather pillows my boyfriend purchased for me for a Christmas gift had to be thrown out with no reimbursement. Those pillows had no outer layer to stop the feathers literally from poking you to death, and you would breathe in the feathers not safe. We both wake up with back pain due to pain gained in our necks from how we sleep with the types of pillows. Lol my other pillows the cotton moves around when you wash them. Sheash lol

  124. Well, my bedroom needs a makeover, so I’m seeing lots of nice options. I think I like the chloe patch quilt best, so cheerful! And, since I’m doing a fantasy bedroom makeover, of course I need some new curtains too…

  125. I just love the Ashley Quilt Set. It has so much detail and looks luxurious AND comfortable! I can definitely see this on my bed:)

  126. The pillow problem….
    Number one, how long is a pillow supposed to last? I buy the median priced pillow and it seems to get flat quickly.
    Number two, how does one clean a pillow?
    I can’t seem to find the right one without spending a fortune. Really looking forward to winning these! Fingers crossed

  127. […] Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence Fiberfill From Anna’s Linens Giveaway – 9/1 […]

  128. The “Multi Purpose Blanket in Leopard Print” is cute! Great to keep in the trunk of my car for picnics ~

  129. […] you enter the Dacron Pillow giveaway here at Frugality Is Free yet? If not, there are only a few days left to enter two brand new Lc […]

  130. I am in LOVE with those Oversized comforters!!!!!! I have always wanted one in order to make my bed look extra big and comfy! The japanese cherry blossom one is beautiful, matches my back tattoo 🙂 Thanks for the opp!

  131. Wow! I wish I could win a gift card from Anna’s Linens. I would love the Laura Kitchen Tier Curtains, a Mircrofiber twill bedrest, some decorative pillows and the reversible furniture protector for sofa.

  132. I have never found a perfect pillow, so I’ve been looking over a decade. I want a pillow that is soft and firm at the same time, in other words not floppy and body-less but still soft. Also I would like a pillow that could pull heat away from my head to keep me cool.

  133. I like the Elegance Sunflower Tablecloth because it says it is great for formal dinner parties, casual occasions or everyday use. 

  134. I like the Lux White 6 Piece Comforter Set. There are a few other all white ones I would not mind either.

  135. I could really use some kitchen curtains. The Vino design from Anna’s Linens would be perfect in my kitchen.

  136. lace Leaf Aqua 10 Piece Comforter Set

  137. There are so many things there that I would want to have lol but I think if I had to choose just one it would be the 17 Piece Black Cookware Set.

  138. I would really like the Bouquet Bath Collection. Our bathroom really needs a major overhaul and this would be a perfect choice to brighten it up!

  139. I would love the Cars Comforter Collection and sheet set for my son’s bedroom 🙂 He would love it !

  140. There are so many things I would like to get for the home from Anna’s Linens. My first on the list is a new mattress cover for my bed and the Simmons Five Zone Pima Cotton Stripe Mattress Pad looks like like a great fit.

  141. Very much like the Eiffel Tower 4 piece comforter set.

  142. I need supportive pillows that will help me breath while I sleep. I also suffer from migraines and neck pain, so the more support the better.

  143. NICE PRIZE<<<

  144. The Starstruck bath towels are amazing!

  145. We also like the Butterfly Pop Bed In A Bag

  146. I really would absolutely love the Laguna 7 piece comforter set in queen size. IT looks so luxurious and comfortable! It would be a dream to sleep in!

  147. I look for complete comfort in a pillow…I need to feel like I’ve laid my head on a fluffy soft cloud that is soft but also supports my head and neck perfectly!

  148. I liked the extra big pillows and I really liked the look and price of the Roxanne Rhinestone Faux Silk Panels. Love the colors and the bling.

  149. In pillows I look for several things. My husband likes flatter pillows and I like larger pillows. I like a combination. One foam pillow and one feather one.

  150. I’ve been on the lookout for some cute replacements for my kids’ bathroom. The Tiffany Bling Black Shower Curtain would really snaz it up! My tween would love it!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  151. i really like the Safari Black Bed In A Bag

  152. I’ve been looking for the perfect pillow for my entire life! My latest attempt was a gel pillow, which I liked a lot until it got all smushed and shapeless. The perfect pillow will be firm but soft enough that I can wrap it around my head to block sound and light. And it will last longer than a couple of months.

  153. I’m a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to the perfect pillow: it can’t be too hard, and it can’t be too soft, but must be just right.

  154. I would love to have the Beauty Endures Framed Art Set. I think it is simple, yet beautiful. I would put this up in my bedroom, which definitely is deserving of some flowers, even if only a print. I had never been on this site before, I think I might do a little window shopping lol. They are very inexpensive!

  155. The most important thing I look for in a pillow is its ability to keep shape. I hate a pillow that seems to go flat easily.

  156. I would like to try a bed in a bag set like the Berry Bliss set.

  157. I like a pair of the Mckenzie Blackout Grommet-Top Window Curtains in Chocolate in the 84 in length. It will look great in my bedroom

  158. I would get a white sheet set to match my new comforter and hopefully new pillows.

  159. Can I pick two? Three? Haha, I picked more than one favorite. The microfiber rocker chair set, the Essence kitchen valance, AND the pillows that you have in your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  160. I like the imperial scroll towels! We just remodeled our bathroom and these in brown would complete the look. Plus the price is really good, much better than the local store.

  161. With 4 kids we go through a lot of pillows, and I usually buy name brand ones at a discount retailer like TJMaxx. Lately, I have found Iike a really flat pillow, so I just wait until someone else is finished with theirs and it is just perfect for me. But I would like a new one as long as it is pretty flat.

  162. I REALLY need a queen sized Cotton Pillowtop Mattress Pad for my new bed. It needs to be just a little softer to be perfect!

  163. I like a lot of their bedding designs, especially the Manhattan Bed In A Bag. The blue and brown colors would match my current bedding and decor.

  164. I really like natural materials for my bedding. I have some wool-filled pillows right now that have served me well, but they’re starting to get a little flat and I’m not sure what I’d like to replace them with.

  165. I think that the Black And Decker Black 10 Speed Cyclone Blender would be a perfect addition to our home.

  166. […] Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON Foam Essence Fiberfill From Anna’s Linens Giveaway – 9/1 The winner is Katt L (kk1lxxxx@) […]

  167. Yeehaw!! I won, I won!! TYVM!!

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