Jul 232014

I always make sure to make at least one stop at Office Depot every week to pick up some of their cheap back-to-school deals, but this week there is an extra bonus deal with the $1 Shipping Tape deal. We ship a lot of packages, and at $1 the Scotch Shipping tape is a sure stock up deal.

Office Depot has been much better at stocking up on the back-to-school deals this year, and I have still be able to find the $0.25 deals on Thursdays and Fridays, whereas they would be gone by then last year. There is no minimum purchase required with the $0.25 deals, and there is a limit of 3 per household/business.


This week’s Office Depot Back-To -School Deals:

$0.25 Glue

$0.25 Pencil Sharpeners

$0.25 3 Pack Pink Erases

$0.25 Poly Snap Envelopes

$1 Scotch Shipping Tape with Dispenser

There is a maximum of 3 deals per household/business

Office Depot Back To School Deals


Our Office Depot Back To School Deals:

3 x $1 Scotch Shipping Tape

3 x $025 a 3 pack of Pink Erasers


Total out of pocket $3.75

Total saved $10.02

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