Jul 052014


Penelope Mack Swimsuit Clearance

I’ve been eying the Sawgrass Mills outlet mall sales for a while, as I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss swimsuit sales like I did last year. Apparently, swimsuits starts getting clearanced at the end of June and not at the end of August, which I originally thought. Still, I did not find much at the regular stores such as Gymboree, OshKosh etc., because most swimsuits were two pieces, and I prefer to get one pieces for our little girl.

So, by the time we made it to Burlington, I had given up, and I almost didn’t attempt locating the swimsuits, as the place is so huge. Luckily I spotted the girl’s swimsuit section almost by accident, and I sure lucked out.Check out my Burlington Coat Factory swimsuit clearance deals below

I got the cutest Penelope Mack swimsuits with skirts for $3.98 a piece! Wow, and these are the kind of swimsuits that Macy’s sell for $30! We spend so much time at the beach and the pool all year round that each of our kids have two sets of swimwear, and so finding cute swimsuits for less than $4 was a big hit.


Burlington Swimsuit Sale:

Penelope Mack Swimsuit Green/white striped with flower embroidery $3.98

Penelope Mack Swimsuit white with silver/black embellishment $3.98


Total out of pocket $7.96

Total saved $52.04


Have you found any great deals on swimwear this year?

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