Jul 082014

Walgreens Back-To-School Deals:

Back-to-school shopping has begun! Since Walgreen’s is right next to IHOP, where we had a frugal lunch today, we stopped by to pick up a few of the back-to-school deals. With two kids in elementary school and one in middle school, we need to stock up more than ever on school supplies. Not just for what they need for their back-to-school lists, but also for their needs throughout the year.


We are just getting to the bottom of our school supplies from last summer, and so we need to replenish our stock.]


Walgreens Back-To-School Deals:

6 x 2 pack Pink Erasers on sale at 6 for $1

2 x 1 pack sharpeners at $0.39 each = $0.78

3 x Ruled Index Cards at $0.39 each = $1.17

Tax $0.16

Total out of pocket $3.13

Total saved $8.44


We do not shop much at Walgreen’s, but today was a pleasant shopping trip, so we might be back again soon. Have you started back-to-school shopping?

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  1. Sounds like you had a great frugal shopping day. Great to stock up even a year ahead so you always have what the kids need.

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