Aug 292014

$10 off $25 Kohl's coupon deals

It’s been a while, since I’ve stopped by Kohl’s. I stayed out of the stores during the back-to-school rush, but now that the rush is over, I am expecting great clearance deals to appear. When the $10 off $25 Kohl’s coupon arrived, I knew it was time for a visit, and with a $10 gift card burning up in my wallet, I was even more eager to check out the sales.

The conclusion is that the real clearance prices have yet to show up, still I found what I was looking for although it took a lot of digging through the clearance racks.

One of my goals was to find something for my oldest son’s birthday, and I also wanted to find a new wallet for myself. A couple of years ago I won a much needed wallet, but it has been looking pretty bad for a while, and the coins are falling out of a hole in the coin part.

I lucked out on both goals, as I found several wallets on clearance in the $8 – $10 range. I also found a pair of shorts and underwear for my oldest son on clearance, but the rest of the things in his sizes were still only at 60 percent off.

Of course, a few items for our little princess snug in to the bag as well. I love the Dollie & Me clothing sets at Kohl’s, but since these Dollie & Me sets usually start out around $40 – $44, they can be hard to find in my price range. The set I got will be saved away for a birthday or Christmas gift for Bellamy Blue’s.

You can get your coupons here:

$10 Kohl’s coupon and 15 percent off Kohl’s coupon

At Kohl’s you can combine a dollar off with a percentage off coupon, and if you spend more than $50 you also get $10 Kohl’s cash back.


$10 off $25 Kohl’s Coupon Deals:

Fila Teen Shorts on 80 percent off Kohl’s clearance at $4.80 (Original price $24)

Tek Gear 2 Pack of teen boxer briefs on 82 percent off Kohl’s clearance at $1.80 (Original price $10)

Croft & Barrow wallet on 80 percent off Kohl’s clearance at $1.80 (Original price $40)

Dollie and Me Night Gown with matching doll night gown on 80 percent off Kohl’s clearance at $7.29 (Original price $40)

Pink Skirt on 80 percent off Kohl’s clearance at $3.04 (Original price $16)

Jumping Beans Girls Babydoll Top on 80 percent off Kohl’s clearance at $2.80 (Original price $14)


Tax $0.90

Subtotal $27.60

$10 off $25 Kohl’s coupon

15 percent off Kohl’s coupon

Total $15.89

– $10 Kohl’s Gift Card from Swagbucks

Total out of pocket $5.89

Total saved $146.75


You can always find our latest Kohl’s deals, clearance finds, and Kohl’s coupons in the top navigation bar under DEALS, CLEARANCE and COUPONS.

  2 Responses to “$10 off $25 Kohl’s Coupon Deals – $152 Worth of Clothes For $5!”

  1. Thank you! This is great!

  2. congrats on finding what your family could use! I have just started my morning coffee but it always hits me wrong when gift cards are used and not considered as money spent. I also count Kohl’s bucks as cash spent as they were definitely considered as cash earned on a previous transaction.
    Kohl’s is on my list of stops today, so thanks for the encouragement to find my own great deal

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