Aug 142014

Target back to school deals

We had a couple of Target back-to-school coupons that were expiring, so before our Publix stop we ran into Publix. I had my oldest son with me, so that he could get one deal and I could get one deal on the school supplies. Every chance I get, I let him shop, because he is very unsure of himself and shy, and he needs a lot of guiding on his way to independence.

We got all of our school supplies together already, and there are lots of them between the three kids. Tomorrow is our two youngest son’s orientation at school, so we picked up two big bags of pretzels to bring along for the teacher together with the school supplies. The scan of the mobile coupons took off 2 coupons, but I cannot figure out what the second coupons is for. After all coupons and discounts we ended up paying less than what the bags of pretzels had cost us to begin with.

Our Target Deals:

2 x Up & Up index cards on sale at $0.50 each = $1.50 – ($1.50/3 Up & Up School Supplies coupons) = FREE

2 x Up & Up index cards on sale at $0.50 each = $1.50 – ($1.50/3 Up & Up School Supplies coupons) = FREE

4 x Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food Pouches 10% Off  at $1.25 each = $5 – )$1.50/4 Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food Pouches Target Baby Mobile Coupon  text BABY5 to 827438 and 4 x $1/1 Ella’s Kitchen coupons = FREE ($0.50 overage)

2 x Notebooks on sale at $0.25 each = $0.50 ($0.25 each)

2 x Big Packs of Pretzels at $3.98 = $7.98  ($3.98 each)

– $0.10 Target Reusable Bag discount

– $1 Bonus coupon ???

Tax $0

Total out of pocket $6.86

Total saved $12.16



You can always find our latest Target deals under DEALS in the top navigation bar.

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  1. Where did you find the 1.50 off three Target coupon?

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