Aug 252014

khan academy

School is back in session, and thanks to Khan Academy our boys are ready and prepared for what the new school year brings in terms of math. Throughout the summer, our two oldest sons have put in at least two hours a week at Khan academy going over, what they had learned in the previous grades. After having reviewed all of the math skills from the previous year, they are now ready to absorb new math skills in school.

We discovered Khan Academy about three years ago, when our oldest son was struggling with math. After seeing a program on CNN, where Khan Academy was used in California schools, we decided to give it a try, and the discovery of Khan Academy has simply been priceless. Khan Academy is a FREE online math program, where kids can learn math at their own pace, watch brilliant videos on a specific math topic, if they get stuck, and parents can sign up as coaches to follow their children’s progress.

Mr. Salman Khan is a genius, and our kids have now grown up listening to his videos and learning from him. The program has even helped us as parents, because we have been able to learn how to do math the way the kids do now, versus how we were taught to do it in school. If our oldest son is struggling with a specific math topic, we simply go to Khan academy, find the topic and he will practice and watch Mr. Khan’s videos to get proficient in the specific topic.

Our middle son has grown up on Khan Academy from the beginning, and he is now in a special gifted program for advanced students. Years ago, we used to tell the teachers about Khan Academy, and now our school is even sending information home on Khan Academy in the newsletters. Since  our middle son is working ahead of his class in math, his teacher actually uses Khan Academy in the classroom for him and another student, who is also working ahead of grade level.

Our youngest son just started Kindergarten, and he will now begin his journey with Khan Academy as well. He is already reading, and working on his math basics, and we are a bit worried that he is going to be bored in kindergarten. However, with the help of Khan Academy he can work on a level that is appropriate for him at home, which will be a great addition to what he is learning in school.

If you cannot afford a math tutor, Khan academy is a great start, because Khan Academy will help your kids understand the basics of math and continue on to more complicated math concepts. You kids can choose to learn specific topics that they are struggling with, they can start at the basic level and work their way up, or they can start at their individual grade level.

We simply cannot praise Khan academy enough, and over the past three years Khan Academy has only improved, as more funding has been received, and big backers such as Bill Gates have come along. Khan Academy has simply become a part of life in our family, and I sure wish it had been around, when I was struggling with math and science in college.

Now that Common Core has been introduced in most schools across the country, it is more important than ever that kids are taught critical thinking and independent work skills. Khan Academy is a great way to teach the kids just that, because it teaches them problem solving skills and critical thinking, plus it keeps kids in charge of what they learn.

Khan Academy has expanded to include more topics such as science, economics, finance, computing including coding and programming, humanities such as history and music, and our kids love exploring the different topics on Khan Academy. The most recent addition has been test prep, which means that kids in high school and college can now get free help with test preparation for tests such as the SATs, MCAT, GMAT and more.

Our boys have begun asking to for permission to explore the other topics at Khan academy, and as a reward for putting in time at the math section, we now let them use the same amount of time exploring the topics that they find interesting. This means that they are learning things about astronomy, coding and more that I could never teach them myself, and they are learning it because they want to, not because they have to.

Subjects Taught At Khan Academy:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Computing
  • History
  • American Civics
  • Music

Test Prep at Khan Academy:

  • SAT
  • MCAT
  • GMAT
  • IIT-JP
  • AP Art History

You can sign up for a free Khan Academy account at We recommend signing up for a Coach account, and then signing up each child with their own individual email account. This makes it easy to keep track of each student’s progress either in real time view, or through the email sent out every week with information on how much time your child has spent on Khan Academy, what topics they have explored, which skills they have mastered etc.


Have you or your children ever tried using Khan Academy?

  4 Responses to “Our Khan Academy Review – A Priceless Free Math Program”

  1. I had not heard of the Khan Academy until reading your review. I am passing this along to my daughter to try for her three granchildren. Thanks for the useful information.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Elliott is getting ready to work on some stuff on there right now. I think it will be a great addition to our homeschool day when we have a little bit of extra time and we’ve finished all of our regular school work for the day.

    • CarlaI imagine that it is great to use as a homeschool tool. I love the fact that the kids can work at their own pace, and our kids gets so excited when they get a special award or complete a challenge.

      • I try to have at least one fun thing for Elliott to do as part of our homeschool day every day. I have a feeling this will be added about once a week or so. He played on there for about 45 minutes today, and really enjoyed it. Considering he has been telling me all summer how much he hates math, I consider that a great thing. 🙂 Today was a really good day, though, and he didn’t even fuss at me while doing his regular math work either, like he usually does. So I guess I can’t say for sure that he will love the Khan site most of the time, but I think he will.

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