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Evenflo tumblers

We are a bit picky, when it comes to sippy cups around here, so we were eager to try the new Evenflo sippy cups to see, if they could pass our tests. We received a couple of the new Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers, which features an adjustable valve that grows with the child.

evenflo sippy cup top

The Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers have 3 different flow rates, so that the flow rate can adjust to the age of your child just by rotating the sippy cup valve.

Bellamy Blue is now 17 months, and she wants to do everything her big brothers do. The new Evenflo Triple-Flo sippy cups are perfect for her little hands, and she is thrilled to be able to drink from her own cup at home, and when we are out and about. The design of the tumbler fits just right in Bellamy’s hands, and even the top seems to have been designed to the right fit for little mouths and noses.

As a mom-on-the-go I especially appreciate the “close-off” position on the adjustable valve, as this means we can bring along the new sippy cups, wherever we go without dripping on our feet. We usually have the sippy cup at the top of the stroller handles, and the fact that we can close off the sippy cup just makes life as a mom easier.


The Evenflo Triple-Flo Tumblers had another advantage of being easy to wipe off, as we often bring the cups along to the beach. Take a look at the difference between Bellamy’s sandy feet and her Evenflo tumbler, where the sand wouldn’t stick on very well. I still wish that the sippy cup tops were a bit easier to clean, as we do dishes by hand, and it is quite difficult to reach into certain spots in the sippy cups lid.





The Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers are BPA free, and the cups are 10 oz cups, they come in four colors: pink, lavender, orange, and blue.


Evenflo Triple-FloTM Tumblers


You can also find the new Evenflo Zoo Friends Triple-Flo Cups at Walmart as well, these are available at Meijer, HEB and WinCo Foods in blue pink and green.


Evenflo Zoo Friends  Triple-Flo Cups


Buy the The Evenflo Triple-Flo Tumblers

You can buy the Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers at WalMart  – They retail at $1.97.

You can buy the Evenflo Triple-Flo Zoo Cups at Meijer, HEB and WinCo Foods – They retail at $2.99.

You can now find a $0.75 Evenflo coupon to use (click baby category to find it) – Makes the tumblers only $1.22 at Walmart!

evenflo coupon

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary review samples of the new Evenflo sippy cups for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the new Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers.

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