Aug 142014

Publix Old El Paso Deals

We shopped big at ALDI yesterday, and we also went back to Publix for a second round, so I just picked up two deals today. Weight Watchers ice cream and Old El Paso dinner kits. It was so hot outside (right before an afternoon thunderstorm) that the first 1 1/2 boxes of ice cream were gone, before we reached home:) Our tiny freezer was packed, so it was probably a good thing that some of the ice cream were gone already.

Our Publix Deals:

4 x Old El Paso dinner kits on sale at $3.19 each = $6.38 – ($1/3 Old El Paso coupon and $0.75 Old El Paso Stand N Stuff coupon Mix and Match for better savings and $0.75 Mexican Foods Winn Dixie Coupon) = $4.63 ($0.97 each)

4 x Weight Watchers Ice Cream on sale at 2 for $4.99 =$9.98 – ($2 x $3/2 Weight Watchers ice cream coupons NLA) = $3.98 ($1 each)


Tax $0.60

Total out of pocket $8.46

Total saved $24.86



Did you get any great Publix deals this week?

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