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Bellamy Blue loves dolls, and when I say loves, I really mean LOVES! With three brothers, I will admit that I feared I would end up with a tomboy on my hands, but somehow we have a real girly girl in our family. Last year I won a Springfield Doll for her, but at 17 months, I still feel she is a bit too small to take proper care of it, so it has been saved away for Christmas or her second birthday.

Springfield Doll Emma has been taken out on a few occasions though, when I was trying to fit her for homemade doll dresses and some doll clothing I made out of old baby clothes. Of course, this is when I discovered just how much Bellamy Blue loves dolls, because she would squeal in delight and ask to hold Emma.

So, lesson learned, Springfield Doll Emma is only being taken out for fittings, when Bellamy Blue is sleeping.

If you want a Springfield Doll Emma for the doll-lover in your family, make sure to check out this great price at Amazon.com. $14.99!

Fiber Craft Springfield Collection Pre-Stuffed Doll, 18-Inch, Emma


List Price $26.99

Amazon Sale Price $14.99 + Free Shipping on orders over $35


Doll clothing for the Emma doll is between $7 – $10 per set, which is still too expensive for us. Besides the pink dress that she comes with we also won a summer seersucker summer dress and a pair of shoes. I’ve made several dresses for the Emma doll, which Bellamy will get, when we give her the doll. Take a look at some of our homemade doll dresses below.


homemade tutu dress for doll

homemade doll clothes

homemade doll dress

homemade doll dress

homemade doll dress

homemade doll dress


All of the above homemade doll dresses have been made either from scrap fabric in my closet or from old baby clothes that had a stain or flaw, which meant it could not be passed on. You can see how I’ve made some of the homemade doll dresses here.


You can find more great Springfield Dolls on Amazon here.



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