Aug 182014

 Target back to school deals

The kids are back to school, and I am back to shopping with Bellamy only….ahh what a joy it is. Yesterday I did go shopping with all four kids though, because we needed to pick up a few things for the school work. Cheap hangers as we organized all clothes yesterday, and it sure is a lot of uniform pieces between three kids. Grapes and juice were perfect for the first week of school, as we have swim classes this week as well and need something healthy on the go.



Target Back To School Deals:

2 x 10 Pack of Hangers on sale at $1 each = $2 – (2 x 20 percent off Target Cartwheel discount) = $1.60 ($0.80 each)

2 x Minute Maid 10 pack Juice boxes at $3.14 each = $6.28 – (2 x 20 percent off Target Cartwheel discount and 2 x $1/1 Minute Maid coupons) = $3.02  ($1.51 each)

1.5 lbs grapes on sale at $2.99 – ( 5 percent off Target Cartwheel discount) = $2.84

– $0.10 in Target reusable bag discount

Tax $0.33

Total out of pocket $7.69

Total saved $6.82


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