Aug 062014

Target Hanes Coupon

This week there is a great deal on Hanes at Target, and since our oldest son is still able to fit into the mens size Hanes’ socks I knew we had to pick up a package. Now, where do I go, when I need a bigger size socks than men’s size 6-12? If anyone can help me answer that question, I surely will be thankful. Our soon-to-be twelve-year-old son has almost outgrown his size 10 shoes, and once he gets into a size 11, he will have bigger feet than his dad.

Anyways, so we grabbed some Hanes socks for him, and then we picked up a couple of great bargains as well. All in all, we ended up paying less than the full price of a bag of socks


Our Target Coupon Deals:

1 Pack of 6 pairs of Hanes men socks on sale at $7 – ($1/1 Hanes Target coupon, 10 percent off Target Cartwheel discount, and $0.75 Hanes coupon from the Mead notebook) = $4.65

Mead Notebook $0.99 (Had lots of great Target coupons in it including $0.75 Hanes coupon above)

2 x Old El Paso Stand N Stuff Taco Shells on sale at $1.14 each = $2.28 – (2 x $0.75 Old El Paso coupons) = $0.78 ($0.39 each)

Sara Lee Snacks on sale at $2.50 – ($1/1 Sara Lee Snacks coupons and 20 percent off Target Cartwheel Discount) = $1

Right Guard Deodorant at $3.34 – ($1.50 Right Guard Deodorant coupon from 8/3 or 7/13 Red Plum insert and $2/1 Right Guard Target coupon) = FREE ($0.16 Target money maker)


– $0.05 Target reusable bag discount

Tax $0.47

Total out of pocket $7.68

Total saved $7.80



  2 Responses to “Target Hanes Coupon Deal – Men’s Socks Only $4.65!”

  1. If there is a Shoe Carnival near you, they are great for larger size socks and shoes. They carry shoes up to size 14 and will special order a size 15. They also have a store brand sock that is reasonably priced and sized for 13 -16. Hope that helps.

  2. My husband is a size 13 shoe and truthfully he still wears the 6-12 sock size. Hanes has a next sock size up don’t worry. its a 13-15 shoe size pack. however, I have bought those for my husband and they are huge! he literally folds them over his toes. But again, he still fits fine in the 6-12 being a size 13 so don’t fret he will be fine 🙂

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