Sep 052014

Free doll clothes pattern

If you have a little girl in the family, I am sure you know how expensive doll clothes can be. For the past year I have been making doll clothes for a doll that I won, and which Bellamy Blue will receive for Christmas. Some clothing I have made from my own designs, but every Friday I get free doll clothes patterns at Pixie Faire. Today you can get a free doll clothes pattern for a holiday top. This doll shirt pattern usually costs $3.99, so make sure to get it today for free.

To get free doll clothes patterns, simply sign up for Pixie Faire emails and you will get an email every Friday with instructions on how to get your free patterns. Today’s free doll clothes pattern is for an 18-inch-doll, and it is for an EASY skill level. The Freebie Friday doll patterns at Pixie Faire are usually at the easy skill level, so even beginners can make them.


Get your free doll  clothes patterns here.


Once you get your free doll clothes pattern sent to your inbox, make sure to download it to your computer, because it will not be available for free tomorrow.

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  1. I will have to send this over to my mother. She made my daughters clothes for their American Girl Dolls for Christmas!

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