Sep 112014

free at target

This morning Bellamy Blue and I started out with toddler hour at the library, then we headed out for a little walk, where we ended up at Target and Publix. I was hoping to find better Target back-to-school clearance, but it had not moved from our last visit a few days ago.  I did pick up a couple of free greeting cards at Target, and I also found a great deal on necklaces for goodie bags.


Our Free Greeting at Target:

2 x Greeting Cards at $0.99 each = $1.98 – $2/2 Greeting Card Target coupon = FREE

6 x 4 ct dress up necklaces on Target clearance at $0.30 each = $1.80 ($0.30 each)


Total out of pocket $1.80

Total saved $6.18

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