Sep 192014

Our oldest son RoRo turned 12 this month, and he is now officially taller than me and uses bigger shoes than his dad. In fact, the last size 10 men’s shoes that we bought him at the end of the school year did not fit by the beginning of the new school year. They still look great though, which means a younger brother might some day wear them (or maybe FIF dad will take them:)).  Thankfully, I bought both a size 10 and 11, when we got him the new shoes, so I had a second pair ready for him in a different color.

However, the sandals that he was wearing – a men’s size 9 – did not last the summer, in fact they fell a part somewhere about the time, when his toes began sticking out, and they had been deemed home sandals only. Finding a good deal on a pair of high-quality sandals for a young man was harder than even I realized, and so I decided to wait with the big hunt until I had all boys in school, as this makes shopping easier.

This week I finally found what I was looking for at Kohl’s, and although I did not have any great $10 off coupons, I did have a 20 percent off Kohl’s coupon just in case I finally found what I was looking for.

I found lots of Kohl’s shoe clearance and sandal clearance at Kohl’s this week, and thankfully I had  our shoe list in my coupon bag. You see, with four kids, buying ahead is necessary, when it comes to shoes, but it can be difficult to remember, which shoe sizes we have at home in the shoe box. So, I have a shoe list, where I keep track of the shoes and sizes we have, what shoes the kids are currently wearing, and what I need to be looking for. It makes shoe shopping for a family of six much easier, and it means that I can take advantage of the deals, when the deals are there. You can read more about how to save on shoes here.

At Kohl’s clearance, coupons and the price scanner are my friends, and this is how I find the best deals. Thankfully, I knew my prices before I headed for the register, because the men’s sandals were ringing up at $29.99 compared to the $19.50 clearance tags I had seen in the clearance section. It just took a little insisting, and the lady looked up the actual number on the shoe, and sure enough the right price was $19.50. Lesson learned….always double check, always insist politely and never leave the store without checking the receipt.



Kohl’s Shoe Clearance:

Croft and Barrow Water Resistant Men’s Sandals size 12 on Kohl’s clearance at $19.50 (Regular price $65)

Sonoma Life + Style Kids Sandals size 3 on Kohl’s clearance at $11.99 (Regular price $39.99)


20 percent off Kohl’s coupon

Tax $1.51

Total out of pocket 26.70

Total saved $84.59



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  2 Responses to “Kohl’s Shoe Clearance & 20 % Off Coupon – Saved $84!”

  1. Great deals! We recently had to buy new shoes at our house, too. Elliott is in a size 6 now. I’m not looking forward to the prices when we move up into men’s shoes.

    • Wow, a 6 already! My 8 year old is only a size 4 – but as you can see his older brother is in the big league already. You are so close to men’s, it seemed to me that the switch was at 7! And yes, the prices are crazy!

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