Sep 232014

It doesn’t happen often, but between an early morning middle school conference, a doctor’s appointment with three kids in tow, taking the three little ones to the playground, running away from two rainstorms, helping three kids with homework while our youngest was hungry for attention, and helping our 12-year-old middle school kid finish up a big science report  (that I didn’t learn about until this morning) … I’m now at a loss of words.

So today’s blog post is a little nontraditional….

Do you ever feel like this?


And yes, I did overcook dinner tonight…

  One Response to “Motherhood”

  1. I only have one kid and still feel like that sometimes. Haha. I babysit a friend’s kid sometimes, and it almost seems like we have a rough time with some lesson about half those days, so Elliott and I are both already cranky before we go pick up the other kid at the bus stop. Then they argue and I’m more likely to snap at both of them. I’m kind of surprised that kid still loves it at our house and considers Elliott his best friend. 😉

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