Sep 042014

Target Deals

I was eager to get to Target to see, if I could find any great back-to-school clearance deals. The 70 percent off price drop has not happened yet, but I am expecting it to happen soon. I did found some great deals though, including a fe w freebies. We usually buy backpacks at 70 percent off, and last year we bought our youngest son’s backpack for kindergarten this way. This is the time of year, when I start our back-to-school shopping, because the Target back-to-school clearance deals are usually pretty awesome.

Last week I tried to get some relatively cheap copy/printer paper, (it would have been around $2.50 each), but the $1/7 Up & Up school supplies coupon beeped on me, so at the register I decided to not get the paper. Today I lucked out, because today I found lots and lots and lots of the same Up & Up printer paper on clearance at $1.75 each (in the craft section). I checked the Cartwheel and sure enough the Cartwheel discount was still valid making each pack of copy paper only $1.57!


Target Back-To-School Clearance Deals:

4 x Packs of Up & Up Printer Paper on back-to-school clearance at $1.75 each = $7 – (10 % of Target Cartwheel discount) = $6.28 ($1.57 each)

8 x Packs of BIC Cristal Red Pens on Target back-to-school clearance at $0.50 each = $4 – (4 x $1/2 BIC Coupons SS 8/03) = FREE

3 x Light-Up Yo-Yos from the Dollar Spot on 50 percent off Target clearance at $0.50 each = $4 – (20 percent off Dollar Spot Target Cartwheel discount) = $1.60 ($0.40 each)

2 x Up & Up Baby Wipes 72 ct on sale at $1.52 each = $3.02 – ($0.75/2 Up & Up Baby Wipes coupon and 0.05 Target Cartwheel discount) = $2.17 ($1.09 each)


– $0.15 in Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.60

Total out of pocket $10.50

Total saved $10.50

Total saved $21.28

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