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Holiday Git Guide 2014

Here in the Frugality Is Free family, we  are busy preparing for the launch of the Holiday Gift Guide 2014. Our goal is to help our readers with their holiday shopping by bringing some wonderful gift ideas, gift inspiration, reviews and giveaways for everyone in the family. This is the sixth annual holiday gift guide at Frugality Is Free, and we always aim to showcase high quality gifts that will fit our principles of frugality by lasting for years to come.

To get a preview of some of the great brands we are including in our gift guide this upcoming holiday season, check out our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Pin Board.

With four kids in the family, we start shopping for the holiday in January, but at this time of the year, we put together the final gift lists. Because we start early, many gifts have already been sent off to family, and this leaves room in our budget for a few splurges.

Why We Start Holiday Shopping Early:

  • We have more time to wait for the right sales, coupons and prices.
  • We spread our family’s gift spending over several months, which means less pressure in our December budget.
  • We can ship off gifts early and avoid long lines at the post office.
  • We are more likely to pay cash and less likely to charge purchases on our credit card.


The Holiday Gift Guide Categories:

  • Gift ideas for babies
  • Gift ideas for kids
  • Gift ideas for tweens
  • Gift ideas for teens
  • Gift ideas for moms
  • Gift ideas for dads
  • Gift ideas for grandparents



Holiday Gift Guide Product Submissions:

Frugality Is Free is now accepting product submission for the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, so if you have a family friendly product that fits any of the above categories, please feel free to contact us.

To be eligible for the Holiday Gift Guide 2014, you must provide a quality product for review as well as a minimum of 1 product for a giveaway. If providing a gift certificate for the giveaway, shipping must be included.

The Holiday Gift Guide 2014 at Frugality Is Free will run from October 1st until Christmas. If your company is interested in a product feature, you can contact us at smartmomj[@]gmail[.]com or see the CONTACT US tab at the top navigation bar.


When do you start your holiday shopping?

  18 Responses to “The Holiday Gift Guide 2014”

  1. I’m excited to see what you guys feature this year! We are almost done Christmas shopping, and over halfway done with Elliott’s birthday shopping (February 1). We will finish shopping for extended family while we are in Florida or before, so we can leave the presents with my Mom when we go back through Missouri on our way home.

  2. I’m excited to see what you have in your gift guide this year! I’m currently working on mine too! 🙂

  3. I have started but just with a few things. Having 5 kids and a single dad, it gets costly. My oldest girls are asking for lots of nail polishes, files and things like that. They want a basket full so I keep picking up different ones weekly for them. Have a long ways to go

  4. I haven’t started yet but I have been thinking about it.My fiance’ is really hard to buy for so it is tough.

  5. I’ve already started! I’m using a groupon deal for one of those custom photobooks for my mom! Takes a bit of time to get the photos together, but it’s a meaningful gift for only $4!

  6. I did buy two items today so officially I have started to shop for Christmas. I dont drive so I try to shop when ever I get the chances to. I usually shop early tho.

  7. I am excited about you Holiday gift guide this year. I have already started shopping and I want to beat the rush and get a lot of it done by December 1.

  8. i have not started holiday shopping yet, but i have begun to plan for it. my kids are 5 and 7 and interests change so fast, its hard to plan

  9. I am excited to see what is offered this year. I have started my shopping, in fact I am almost done with my daughter, now I have the grand kids, and great grand kids. And my son and hubby of course. I am so praying to win a few things to make Christmas easier financially. Our budget is really tight. Thanks for all you do, for all of us!!!!! You are appreciated.

  10. I pick up things during the year that I think will be nice presents for everyone. I am always thinking about what would be nice for everyone. I love to see your list of what you have.

  11. We have not began our Christmas shopping yet. I try to purchase a few gifts throughout the year when I come across a good deal. My husband and I very much enjoy actually shopping during the season so we like to plan shopping trips.

  12. I have started shopping but I dread looking for my father-in-law who is super hard to shop for

  13. I have not started my holiday shopping yet. I did notice my 7 year old son has started his wish list though.

  14. i started my shopping early this year. i have a few things already packed away in the closet. i typically wait till october to start shopping but this year i started in august.

  15. I have sort of started, I enter giveaways and save a lot of my winnings for Christmas presents and birthday presents. I hope you have some giveaways on some homegoods items and maybe some tools for the men out there.

  16. yes i started my christmas shopping i started a month ago but am not done yet i get the clothes part done first then get the other items they have on their wish lists….my son the middle age teenager is my hardest one to shop for hes very picky with everything…my youngest is 10 and the easiest one to shop for hes not picky at all on anything. hubby hes easy to he usesally wants items for the garage or his jeep…so hopefully there will be some giveaways for boy teens like the axe sets or cologne he loves that stuff…amd hopefully there will be some army stuff for the younger boys….my daughter now married is somewhat easy to and my grandson just turned 4 months old super easy hr loves…

  17. I have not started Christmas shopping yet. With 11 children and hubby to shop for shopping can get very expensive and stressful. My oldest son is the hardest to shop for he is off at college. I am hoping to win a few goodies for Christmas gifts. It will help tremendously

  18. I start my holiday shopping usually in late October. I will sometimes start earlier if I have the extra money.

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