Oct 222014

This week ALDI Eggs cost only $1.29 for a dozen, what a fabulous price, and you don’t even need to use a coupon, app or jump through other hoops to get it. Together with the always low prices on baking goods such as flour and sugar, you can definitely do some frugal baking with ALDI. I also stumbled upon some ALDI cereal clearance, any cereal is one item that goes very fast in the Frugality Is Free family.

ALDI Cereal Clearance


Check out our ALDI Deals:

2 x Large Dozen of Eggs @ $1.29 each

1 gallon ALDI Skim Milk $3.19

2 x ALDI Lactose Free Milk @ $2.79

5 x Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal on ALDI clearance at $1.09 each

ALDI Baking Mix $2.49

Frosted Flake s$1.69

Fresh Chicken Tenders $3.77

Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $3.96

Chicken Drumsticks $3.83

2 x Broccoli Crowns @ $1.69

2 lbs of Red Grapes $2.98

Fresh Asparagus $2.79

Cucumber $0.59

2 x Iceberg Lettuce  $1.39 each

3 lbs of Golden Delicious Apples $1.99 – $0.25 Cash back with Checkout 51

Zucchini $1.49

2.46 lbs of bananas at $0.44/lb = $1,08 – $0.25 Cash back with Checkout 51



Total out of pocket $50.10

Total saved $18 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)

$0.50 Cash back with Checkout 51


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