ALDI Halloween Clearance – Cake Mix $0.50 & More

You can find lots of ALDI Halloween clearance already, and so we picked up a couple of Halloween cake mixes, decorating and such. Of course, we stocked up on our regular ALD basics as well, and our little one’s lactose free milk. We did not buy as many pounds of bananas as usual, because we have a bunch of bananas from a a banana tree that we are hoping will ripen soon.

ALDI Halloween Clearance

Our ALDI Halloween Clearance Deals and More:

4 Pack of Halloween Writing Icing on ALDI Halloween clearance at $1.49

2 x Halloween Cake Mix on ALDI Halloween clearance at $0.49

Halloween Frosting on on ALDI Halloween clearance at $0.79

2 lbs of brown sugar on sale at $0.99

2 lbs of powdered sugar  on sale at $0.99

5 lbs of flour $1.49

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29

Pie Crust $1.69

1 gallon fat free ALDI Mlk at $3.19

2 x ALDI Lactose Free Milk at $2.79

2 x 5 lbs Potatoes @ $0.99

Mushrooms $1.39

2 x Iceberg Lettuce @ $1.39

2 x Bags of Broccoli Crowns @ $1.69

2 lbs of Sweet Onions $0.99

3 lbs of Tangerines $2.39

2 lbs of Grapes $3.19

2.28 lbs of bananas $1

Cucumber $0.59

Tomatoes $1.69


Total out of pocket $37.76

Total saved $22 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)



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