Oct 172014

We were running low on produce, which as always means a visit to ALDI. ALDI’s produce prices are simply hard to beat, and when you shop for a family of six, the prices need to be good. What I really like about our local South Florida ALDI store is that it usually has pretty good quality produce, and what I cannot get there, I get at the farmer’s market or at Publix.

We saved about $15 by shopping at ALDI compared to shopping at our regular grocery store’s lowest prices, and while $15 does not sound like much, I can stretch $15 far between coupons and deals. By combining ALDI shopping with deal shopping at Publix and Target, our family is able to keep our grocery budget to an average of $70 a week for our family of six.

ALDI deals

Our ALDI Deals:

Butternut Squash $1.79

10 lbs of potatoes $3.49

4.35 lbs of Bananas $1.91 – $0.25 Cash back with Checkout 51

2 x Broccoli Crowns @ $1.69

Iceberg Lettuce $1.39

Mushrooms $0.99

Roma Tomatoes $0.99

2 x Lactose Free Milk @ $2.79

1 gallon skim milk $3.19

Large Eggs $1.59

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29

Fresh Chicken Tenders $3.68

Fresh Chicken Drumsticks $3.72


Total out of pocket $33.75

Total saved $15 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)

$0.25 ALDI Cash Back with Checkout 51


You can always find our latest ALDI Deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS.

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