Nov 072014

As always, we made an ALDI  trip this week, because thanks to ALDI we can afford to load up our fridge with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables each week. We have used ALDI batteries in the past and have been quite satisfied, so I made sure to pick up two packs of the 24 count of ALDI batteries at $2.99 each.



Our ALDI Groceries:

Blackberries $1.49

Butternut Squash $1.19

Red onions $1.69

Cucumber $0.59

Tomatoes $1.69

2.24 lbs of bananas $0.99

Iceberg Lettuce @ $1.39

2 x Bags of Broccoli Crowns @ $1.69

2 lbs of Grapes $3.19

1 gallon fat free ALDI Mlk at $3.19

2 x ALDI Lactose Free Milk at $2.79

2 x ALDI Eggs @ $1.39

Frosted Flakes $1.69

2 x 24 ct Packs of Batteries @ $2.99


Total out of pocket $39.44

Total saved $18  (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)




You can always find our latest ALDI deals under DEALS in the top navigation bar.

  2 Responses to “ALDI Battery Savings”

  1. Batteries all gone at my Aldi sale – even the first day of the sale.

  2. Batteries all gone at my Aldi store – even the first day of the sale.

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