Nov 192014

Are you cooking any holiday dishes with potatoes this coming week, we sure are, and so we doubled up on ALDI’s $10 lbs potatoes for $1.99 deal. Normally this would be unheard off, as the potatoes go bad quickly here in South Florida. However, today we have a wind so chilly that it feels like our college years in the north, and our kids actually went to school in big winter jackets.

We did not go to ALDI last week, and our fridge sure felt it. We usually have at least two different veggies and a salad with our dinner, and yesterday I served the boys rice and beans with Italian sausage. They loved it, but I sure did not feel good about not serving any veggies, we did not even have anything leftover for a salad.

We were also running low on lactose free milk, and due to a school project that included paper mache, we were almost out of flour.  Thankfully, we were able to make it to ALDI today, but oh my was it busy this morning. Thanks to the low prices on produce, our family of six simply cannot afford not to shop at ALDI. How does your family save on produce?

 ALDI Thanksgiving deals

Our ALDI Thanksgiving Deals:

2 x 10 lbs of Russet Potatoes at $1.99 each

Butternut Squash $1.79

2.43 lbs of bananas $1.07

3 lbs of Sweet Potatoes $0.99

2 x Iceberg Lettuce @ $1.39 each

Broccoli crowns $1.79

2 lbs Red Grapes $3.29

Raspberries $1.69

Blackberries $1.49

Roma Tomatoes $1.89

Mushrooms $1.39

3 lbs Yellow Onions $0.99

Cucumber $0.55

Vegetable oil $2.29

20 oz bag of pretzels $1.49

Flour $1.49

Cumin $0.99

3 x Lactose Free Milk @ $2.79 each


Total out of pocket $38.32

Total saved $25 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)



You can always find our latest ALDI deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS.

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