Nov 072014

Here in the Frugality Is Free family we are ready to get our holiday decorations up, and we always try to add a few special pieces of holiday decor every year. This year we will be shopping at Winterland and the LEDgen Lighting Holiday Store, because they are now offering free shipping on holiday orders. Winterland, Inc. was started more than twenty years ago, and the company is dedicated to providing its customers with holiday decorations that make big statements.


winterland free shipping


Winterland thinks about Christmas all year round, and the company is committed to finding the best, most elegant holiday products throughout the year. At the Winterland store website you can find holiday decor for both outside and inside, in every color you wish, and make sure to check out the daily deals that offer great savings.


LEDgen Lighting is another store that fits our needs, because in the Frugality Is Free we are dedicated to only using LED and solar lights when it comes to our holiday decor. LED lighting is such a fantastic invention, and we switched out our old Christmas lights with LED string lights years ago.

LEDs are a low-maintenance, energy efficient solution for anyone looking for dynamic lighting displays. They are also versatile and can be used in many creative applications featuring a variety of brilliant colors and decorative styles to choose from. More reasons why LEDgen Lighting LEDs are the better choice for seasonal and decorative lighting:

50 Foot Animated Tree from LedGenLighting on Vimeo.



Get Free Shipping at Winterland & LEDgen Lighting Holiday Store

This holiday season you can get FREE Shipping on your order at Winterland or LEDgen Lighting Holiday Stores. Use code GUIDE


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family will receive free samples as our participation in a US Family Guide promotion.

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