Nov 142014

This week we slowed down shopping a bit, as we were busy with doctor’s appointments, school projects and ceremonies. We finally seem to be getting beyond the fall colds, which meant that we finally could head back to the pool a few times.

The biggest savings of the week was actually finding our oldest son’s glasses. On Saturday we had been to the YMCA, then walked about 1 1/2 miles to Kohl’s to buy him  new shoes. Somehow he lost is glasses, and even after heading back to Kohl’s twice to look for them they were nowhere to be found. We called the Y, and on Tuesday we went back to Kohl’s after a doctor’s visit, and we finally found them. Yeah! Our insurance does not pay for a new pair of glasses until his annual exam just before Christmas, so he would have had to live without his glasses until them partly because we did not want to buy a new pair ourselves, and partly because he needed to learn a little lesson.

Before our son lost his glasses, he was frequently getting upset, because they kept getting smudges, and he only wanted to wear them in class. It seems that going without his glasses for three days while facing the possibility of having to go without for more than a month finally seems to have given him a greater sense of appreciation for his glasses. If this is what it took, I am all for it.



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Feel free to share your Friday finals at the Weekly Savings Linky below. How did you do?

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How did you do on your shopping this week? Did you find some great deals? Please feel free to share them below at the Weekly Savings Linky. You can also find a list of our favorite shopping linkies here.

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