Nov 242014

Do you need to get photos printed for your holiday letters? Or is simply time to get some photos printed. If so, Snapfish Penny Prints is the perfect opportunity to get your photos printed for only a penny each plus shipping. To get your Snapfish Penny Prints use coupon code GLEE14 at checkout. This hot 1 cent photo deal ends tonight 11/24!



Snapfish penny prints


Every six months or so (when my computer is at its storage capacity), I go through all of our photos, create a folder where I copy all photos that I want to get developed, and then I move the rest of the photos onto my external hard drive. Today was the day, where I finally finished, I sent off a couple of photo books to print for grandparents and great grandparents, and I made a huge photo order of more than 3oo photos. I had some to give to friends that I had taken of their kids, I had a few extra to give to family with the holiday cards, but mostly the prints were doubles, triples and quadruples for our four kids’ photo albums….which I’ll probably get to finish once our youngest start school one day.


As for now my job is to get the photos printed, because I’ve lost photos more than once because a computer broke down or a virus made it necessary to redo everything. I also received a recent reminder to get our photos printed, when good friends of ours had their laptop and lots of other things stolen, when they were tenting their home here in South Florida. They had barely developed any photos from the past couple of years, and they lost all photos from their youngest son’s birth. The first thing I did was to go home and create a folder for them on my computer, and I’ve been browsing through all of our photos to find photos of their kids. There’s not a whole lot, but there is still a good deal, since our middle son has been best friends with their daughter for four years.

I usually switch between gettng our photos developed at Shutterfly and Snapfish, but this time around Snapfish has the best deal. One thing  love about ordering prints online is that I can always go back and order more, if I ever lose any photos.


Get up to 999 prints at Snapfish for only 1 cent each and only pay shipping. I ordered 313 prints, and I only paid $16.84 after shipping and taxes, which comes to 5 cents per photo. You can get your 1 cent photos here with the coupon code GLEE14.



How often do you print your photos? Do you make photo albums for your kids?

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