Dec 122014

Today is another great Disney Movie day with the 15 Disney Movie Rewards Weekend Holiday Points and an additional 40 Bonus Points. It’s time for more Disney Movie Rewards holiday bonus points. Take a look below for how you can earn more points

Disney Movie Rewards Holiday Points

Get Your Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes:


  1. This weekend get 15 points with the code 25D672
  2. Log into your Disney Movie Rewards account and enter the code.
  3. Check again for a new code every day.

Extra BONUS points:

Get 1oo bonus points for taking the new survey in your Disney Movie Rewards account.

Get another 5 Disney Movie Rewards by following the directions at the Disney Movie Rewards Facebook page.

Plus don’t forget to check your inbox for your December Members only update to earn your mystery points. We earned 9 points this month.

TODAY ONLY! EXPIRE at 7 PM Pacific Time – Enter the words PHONES, BRITTOS, FAIRIES, DEVICES, & DELTA for 5 points each!


We use our Disney Movie Rewards points to earn Disney gift cards, and the Disney gift cards are put in our Disney savings envelope….it doesn’t have much but free Disney gift cards, but it is a great start for a fabulous Disney trip. What do you use your Disney points for? Have you gotten any great rewards lately?


You can always find the latest Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes here at Frugality Is Free.

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