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Bellamy Blue loves Princess Sophia and all the Disney princesses, and she loves to dress up. Last year for Halloween she was a cowgirl, but she could not keep her hands off the other little girls’ princess dresses, so I knew that we had to go sparkly this year. Of course dressing up is not just for Halloween, in fact Bellamy Blue would love to wear a princess or dance costume every day, and she sure would love to have a princess party, it’s just too bad that she is surrounded by boys. One day…

I have been looking for just the right princess costume for Bellamy  Blue for quite a while, because I wanted to find a unique princess costume, something with a wow factor, and preferably something that she can also use as a southern belle costume. It is not that easy to find, but thankfully Costume SuperCenter has a huge selection of fairytale costumes, princess costumes, and beautiful costumes that cannot be found in any of our local stores.


southern belle costume


When I discovered the Girl’s Fuchsia Fairytale Princess Costume I knew that we had found the perfect princess costume for Bellamy Blue. She was in agreement, and her three big brothers even agreed as well, because only the best is good enough for their little sister.

southern belle

The Girl’s Fuchsia Fairytale Princess Costume is perfect, because with a tiara it becomes a princess dress and without it is the perfect southern belle dress.


This beautiful dress is simply stunning with a multi-layered hoop skirt in a bright fuchsia color that is reminiscent of the bougainvillea flowers we are surrounded by here in South Florida.


unique princess costume

Each tier of the princess dress consist  of a shiny layer covered by a layer of sparkling tulle that reaches the floor. The bodice of the dress is made of a beautiful sparkling pink fuchsia fabric with beautiful details such as roses on the shoulders, and it has a glittering ribbon with silver embellishments and a stunning flower to tie around the waist.


fairytale princess costume


This costume is simply perfect for any little girl, who dreams of attending a ball, meeting her prince charming or simply just want to live in a fairytale and play make believe. With a dress like this the imagination has no limits, and Bellamy Blue is in love with her new dress.

Bellamy Blue is turning two next month, but she is tall for her age so I ordered the size small, which is supposed to be a size 4. However, this is the perfect size for our little princess, because while she needs to grow an inch to really move around in the dress without tripping over the floor-length hoop skirt, it will be able to fit her for a long time.

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princess costume


The  Girl’s Fuchsia Fairytale Princess Costume from  Costume SuperCenter is one of the most high-quality costumes I’ve seen, and every little detail on the dress has been thought through. If you have a little princess in your life, make sure to check out all of these great Princess Party Ideas.


princess costume


You can buy the Girl’s Fuchsia Fairytale Princess Costume and many other great fairytale costumes, princess costumes and even southern belle costumes at Costume SuperCenter. Right now they have a great sale going on.



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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Girl’s Fuchsia Fairytale Princess Costume for the purpose of writing a review. No monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the princess costumes at Costume SuperCenter.


  12 Responses to “Play Make Believe With A Fairytale Princess or Southern Belle Outfit From Costume SuperCenter”

  1. Oh, what a lovely costume. That image of her peeking around the corner with her hat in hand–priceless!

  2. My daughter would have loved this when she was little! Your photos are really cute. Thanks fir sharing them.

  3. cute

  4. Oh my, little girls love this kind of stuff. Getting dressed up in costumes is a lot of fun.

  5. She looks beautiful! I love her costume.I remember how much I loved dressing up when I was little.

  6. the pink dress is cute.. my daughter would love something like that

  7. Those costumes are stunning! I am going to have to bookmark this site for my granddaughter when she is big enough to wear them. I love the Gone with the Wind look

  8. My goodness that’s a dress for a southern belle! I know a few little girls who would LOVE to have that dress.

  9. Aww, this is so cute! My daughter would really like a dress like this, she’s way into princesses right now so she’d think she was one.

  10. Now this one is great!My girls have had little Princess costumes, etc, but the quality was nothing like what this is. You can see this is made well and not something cheaply made

  11. I love your photography! That little girl is so adorable and the pink dress matches her perfectly. It fits the description of a southern belle perfectly!

  12. Our granddaughter loves dressing up as a princess. These princess dresses are beautiful. We have been looking for the perfect princess dresses for her.

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